Jackie Chan has become America’s favorite Chinese hero, but in a recent interview, he showed a more radical side that left some Americans with a bad taste.

He told Chinese TV that America is “the most corrupt country in the world.”

This appears to be a shocking statement by the beloved actor, however, the Washington Post recently pointed out that he’s a serious political activist, supporting all things Chinese Communist party.

Jackie has warned his fellow countrymen not to criticize China to Americans and that he is conscious not to do the same. However, he’s not one to be totally blinded. Jackie has admitted that his country also has its own  issues, but is “making progress.”

Some of his statements cannot be ignored, despite his admissions. The actor said in the past that the “Chinese people need to be controlled, otherwise they will do whatever they want.”

(Photo: EURweb)

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3 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Says America is ‘the Most Corrupt Country in the World’

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