Former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Sheree Whitfield was sued by the very legal team who handled her divorce from her ex-husband and former NFL offensive tackle Bob Whitfield.

The legal eagles of Weinstock & Scavo wanted to get paid for the services they rendered to Sheree so they sued her in 2010. The reality star has only given the law firm a partial payment ($69,000) and claimed her lawyers overcharged her. But a judge told Sheree she’d better cough up another $96,000, reports TMZ.

Unfortunately for the wannabe fashion designer, the judge has also tacked on some interest to the $96,000 Sheree already owes W&S, which brings her legal bill to a grand total of $119,674.

Sheree was released from her contract with the RHOA series earlier this year because she was reportedly making exorbitant money demands. In October, the braggadocious actress finally won her child support case against her ex after a three-year court battle to gain the monies he allegedly withheld after the two separated.

A judge awarded Sheree a reported $75,000 in back child support payments to be paid by Bob before Nov. 11, even though he owed over $81,000. In addition to the win against her husband, Sheree was also granted a $1,000 a month payment over the next year; Bob’s mandatory monthly child support payments of $2,142 would resume thereafter.

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4 thoughts on “Ex ‘RHOA’ Star Sheree Whitfield Loses Lawsuit, Forced to Pay Her Attorneys

  1. Fuck a skank on said:

    I wish I were rich. I would pay that sexy ass the money she needs in order to keep hard dick stuck deep in her. That’s all her fine ass wants anyway.

  2. Get a job Sheree, while you’ve been waiting on a 7-figure settlement from a man who probably doesn’t have that kind of money, probably never did. I’m glad she will receive child support now…but please don’t spend it trying to impress people with 10,000 purses and starting construction on yet another house…use it for your children…

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