Comedian Katt Williams has been in the headlines for the past few weeks due to his erratic behavior. One of the most head-scratching incidents was Williams slapping a Sacramento Target employee. During a comedy show in Hollywood, Katt explained why he slapped the Target employee.

According to Williams, the Target worker caught a pimp slap to the face because he called the actor the n-word. Williams told the Hollywood audience, “This is what the dude at Target said … ‘Your assistant is already suing you, you p**sy ass n***er.” Katt Williams’ former assistant filed a five million dollar lawsuit against him claiming he punched her.

Williams went on to say he asked the guy incredulously if he actually called him the n-word. Once the Target employee confirmed what exactly he said, Katt dared him to say it again and when the guy said it for the second time, Williams popped him in the face.

Once finished recounting the story, Williams made mention that the same racist mess he was dealing with is what drove Dave Chappelle to leave show business. Chappelle famously walked away from his hit Comedy Central show after arguing with producers about a sketch he deemed racist.

What do you think about Katt Williams’ explanation about slapping the Target employee? Is he telling the truth or trying to spin a bad situation in his favor?

16 thoughts on “Katt Williams Slapped Target Employee For Using Racial Slur [VIDEO]

  1. Cnucmecnu on said:

    Chapelle left his $50 mil contract because his race based comedy conflicted with his muslim faith. Get the story straight before you go public with it, Mr Williams …

  2. Go Mr. Williams you should have sucker punched the sucker!!! It is a get rich quick scheme these days to provoke a celebrity to violent actsand sue. Don’t fall for the “okeedoke” and give punks the power to profit off your angry displays and fights for justice. The Predudice are raised from the grave to be predudice and I spelled it wrong n purpose because it is so wrong I won’t even spell it right it is “hate”. We can not change the hate-mongers beliefs lets just ignore them and get n with the business of helping and empowering our people. If you have a positive response to this reply hit me uo at “” and let’s be e-mail pals for positive communication. If you respond to me via e-mail and it s negative ” I will meet your soul in Hell”
    Peace and Blessings to All and to All a Good Night!!!

    • dchoney on said:

      Blessings to you also. The more attention we give to these “nuts”, the more they think they are entitled. There will always be the haters; we just need to rise above them. Our best example of this is our President Obama. Keep him and yourself in prayer, as I will do the same.
      Blessings to you for an abuntdant New Year.

  3. Jaye Harding on said:

    Well, if the incident went the way Katt described it kudos to Katt for standing up for himself. I can’t for the life of me fathom why some of you morons think a Black man is supposed to take sh*t from whomever. In fact, this maybe a wake up call for anyone who thinks that someone can do or say whatever to whomever without repercussions.

    What was the ethnicity of the antagonist: in this case it really doesn’t matter as far as I’m concerned? Kudos to Katt Williams for defending himself from what anyone else would consider a verbal assault demanding a response if the story is true. As far as the assailant is concerned the next person he tries such an attack upon may do a whole lot more than just slap the Punk Bitch!

  4. Mr. Hill on said:

    I could not agree more with Barbara. The employee baited Kat and now Kat will pay a hefty paycheck to the employee. It’s like he played lotto and won. Let this be a lesson to all you young entertainers.

  5. Celebrity or not….they are still human beings! I am not say Mr. Williams/ anyone should go around placing his hands on someone else but in todays world you never know what a person is going through! Everybody has good and bad days. At the end of the day we all have to give in account for whatever they do in life. That includes Mr. Williams and the Target employee. Be Blessed!!!

  6. Cynthia on said:

    No matter what the worker said, Mr. Williams should not have become physical! In my mind I’ve wanted to slap a number of people for what they said or did, but one has to restrain from violence, it’s not the solution, no matter what your “status” is, celebrity does not give you the right to be physical!

    • dchoney on said:

      I agree with you, but one does not know how they will be perceived. We don’t all receive the same training in behaviors. I do not condone Katt’s behavior. He did ask the employee to repeat what he said. That was a missed cue by the employee. Katt was blessed that the employee did not respond in the same manner. Our society is in such a hostile state; we really have to be careful with our communications with others. Maybe this will teach Katt to engage his brain before he responds.

  7. dchoney on said:

    Folk need to reallize that there are different responses to confrontations, verbal or physical.
    Engage your brain before you engage your lips.

  8. I do not believe that just because Katt uses the word in his act it gives anyone permission to call him out of his name. His act is just that, an act. He performs fictional acts. That would equate to the use of violence on actors who perform in violent movies. Just because someone does something does not give others the right to do the same wrong thing. We need to start being adult about our actions.

  9. Why does Katt use the word in his act? When you use the word you give others permission to use it. Don’t use the word and get upset when you hear if coming out of someone else’s mouth. If this is his justification, he ought to have slapped himself silly by now.

  10. Soooo….basically What y’all are doing is calling Katt a liar?? The way that video looks that the discussion that was had. I believe the Target employee said that ratchet statement.

  11. Barbara on said:

    It may be true and horribly offensive, but the law says don’t get to hit someone every time they say something you don’t like. And that Target worker is probably going to get paid, because he goaded Kat into assaulting him. Normal guy on the street takes the slap and goes on about his business. Celebrities should know better. You have to know when to walk away and scoff at ignorance.

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