Just one day after confessing that Channel Orange might be his last album, Frank Ocean took to Twitter to vent his frustration that his estranged father is suing him.

“Father wanna sue me for a million,” he wrote. “Like I owe him back child support. Weak individual bought me a swiss knife at 6yrs old then dipped on me.”

Although that tweet has since been deleted, the “Thinking Of You” singer left this one up:

What kind of father sues his son? Oh yeah, the ones whose kids grow up to be successful! Let’s hope his father doesn’t get his hands on Frank’s money!

Frank  was raised by his mother, Katonya Breaux Riley, in New Orleans.

5 thoughts on “Frank Ocean’s Dad Suing Him For $1 Million

  1. Mr. Ocean keep your head up and counter sue for back child support! The nerve of your dead beat dad who you should not give the time of day since he had no time for you. Big ups to your mom for being a strong Black women. I raised two sons myself and it was not easy! Your dad should be awarded that swiss knife he gave you! WE GET OUT WHAT WE PUT IN?

  2. He is not the first and definitely won’t be the last.Lebron broke ass daddy did it to him.Lebron never even saw his daddy.But this just show how the black man mentality is ;that they’re entitled to other working peoples money.Men like this in the black community are a embarassment.You ditch your kids and then when your old and grey;you expect a child you neglected to take care of you.You had your life when you chose not to be in your sons.Now let your son live his life without you being in his.

    • Lebron, you are right it is truly disgusting how a lot of men are just freaking sorry, then when their kid that they walked away from becomes successful they want a piece of the pie. I raised my children without their father and i pity his sorry behind if he ever tries to do this to MY kids now that they’ve grown into wonderful young people.

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