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Brook Kerr is pleading for help as she tries to divorce her husband.

Kerr who played Whitney Russell on the NBC soap opera “Passions” claims her husband Christopher Warren is a bipolar drug dealer who has been harassing her for several months.

She originally filed for divorce in July after 22 years of marriage. Kerr placed a temporary restraining order against Warren after she said he broke into her home last month to retrieve his things without her permission and got into a physical altercation with their 22-year-old son.

The actress accused Warren of committing identify theft when he allegedly used their son’s name (with whom he shares his name with) to steal $8,000 in July. However, it is unclear how he got the money.  Kerr told court officials that Warren stole her credit cards, a computer, and Range Rover as well.

In court, she said Warren uses and sells drugs including cocaine and prescription meds in addition to owning a gun.  She said he often behaves erratically due to his bipolar disorder.

Kerr and Warren are due back in court in January to determine if her restraining order will be extended.

(Photo: PR Photos)