The NY Daily News is reporting that Jovan Belcher’s mother has angrily denied a report that claimed she told investigators that her son had argued with his girlfriend about the paternity of their baby before he shot her dead and killed himself.

“It’s a lie. It’s all a lie,” Cheryl Shepherd told the Daily News on Friday. “That’s my grandbaby and it was wrong for them to put that out there. That is Jovan’s baby and it is my grandbaby.”

The New York Post, citing an unnamed law-enforcement source and an anonymous Kansas City Chiefs insider, reported that Shepherd told authorities that the couple had argued over the paternity of 3-month old Zoey on the morning of Dec. 1. That would have been right before the Chiefs linebacker shot Kasandra Perkins, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium, where he shot and killed himself in front of the team’s general manager, head coach and an assistant coach.

Shepherd, from West Babylon, L.I., was at Belcher’s Kansas City home when Perkins was shot, and made a desperate 911 call in an attempt to save her.

She told The News there was never an argument about the identity of the child’s biological father.

“I never said that,” she said. “You are hearing it from the horse’s mouth. Zoey is Jovan’s baby and my grandbaby. I have never had any doubt.”

(Photo: AP)

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One thought on “Belchers’ Mother Denies Saying Paternity Argument Triggered Shootings

  1. Franklin on said:

    Anything she says is questionable, she is his Mother and I don’t understand WHY she had NOT sat them down to help ease whatever stressors were going on with the two of them (unless she was the problem!). It’s obvious this was not their first argument, as the mother of son’s knowing there were guns in the house and knowing your child she had every opportunity to intervene! She wants the money now, she needs to give that child to Kassandra’s Mother and go get her life! Her “gravy train” mudered Kassy and took his own life not thinking about the child whether she was his or not! Give the other family that baby and “sat down!”

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