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Reports are surfacing that the 43rd President is struggling to deal with his dad’s bout of illness.

George W. Bush is allegedly struggling to deal with issues that his dad, George H.W. Bush has been consistently sick.

“George is severely broken up over his dad’s deteriorating health,” said a close family friend. “While the elder Bush tells everyone he’s not going anywhere, there’s a sad belief his days are numbered.”

The 88-year-old former president has been hospitalized twice within the past month being treated for bronchitis. Doctors at Houston’s Methodist Hospital gave the elder Bush antibiotics and steroids to ease his painful cough. He also suffers from a milder form of Parkinson’s disease which has him relying on a wheelchair or scooter for mobility.

Insiders say that George W. is back on the drinking wagon to ease his pain.

“And no one has taken it harder than ‘W.’ While he’s worked hard to maintain his sobriety, it’s no secret he’s severely depressed over the thought of losing his father and has knocked back a few drinks in recent weeks while at his ranch in Crawford, Texas,” reported an inside source

Family friends also revealed that the father-son relationship has been strained within recent years.

“You have to understand there are decades of unresolved issues between the two,” said the insider. “In recent years, George has also been rankled by his dad’s close friendship with Bill Clinton. They bonded as they traveled the world together as ex-presidents doing humanitarian work. ..and that always bothered ‘W’ because he never got along with his father that well.”

Now, friends say that George W. is eager than ever to connect with his father before it is too late.

“He’s just uncertain how to go about it and fears, at this stage, it may be too late,” said the insider. “In the meantime, no one wants to see him fall of the wagon for good.”

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