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In a culture where multitasking is becoming standard and distractions run rampant, a new headband claims to help you get your focus back on track.

Developers at InteraXon say their Muse headbands can help you regain focus and sharpen your concentration skills. The headband allows you to monitor your brain waves through Bluetooth wireless technology connected to your smartphone or computer.

The researchers explain that the headband can be used to sharpen your focus while playing games, using apps and even pouring beer.

“Muse will train you to direct your attention to where you want it to be,” said Trevor Coleman, InteraXon’s co-founder and chief operating officer. “You’ll be able to hold your focus longer and work harder.

The headband uses the same electroencephalography (EEG) technology doctors use to examine brain diseases such as epilepsy and stroke. By using only four sensors, the headband can provide insight into the inner activity in your brain. Although it may not give you specific pictures of the activity, it can sense how you feel.

“The device and application will help you deal with a range of things, like dealing with physical stress and being able to relax on demand,” said Coleman.

Coleman believes the headband is a handy and valuable tool to refresh the mind while taking a study break or in between tasks at work.

The headband is designed to fit behind the ears like sunglasses and is lightweight. Even though it is slim by design, it is still visible to others.

“We understand that people are sensitive to how things look and feel around their faces,” Coleman said. “It requires a big change in consumer behavior, but we think we’ve created a device that people won’t be ashamed to wear in public.”

The Muse package was sold for $165 until earlier this month. The package included a brain activity app as well as software that consumers could use to develop their own applications.

InteraXon says they are hoping to begin producing shipments of the headbands in June 2013. They are currently taking pre-orders with the retail price of about $199.

Take a look at how the headbands work below:

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