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A Utah court has ruled that a South Carolina man whose wife put their baby up for adoption without his knowledge can regain custody of his daughter after a long two year battle.

Terry Achane, was serving as an Army drill instructor when his wife put their daughter Teleah up for adoption. The judge ruled in favor of Achane, citing he was “astonished and deeply troubled” but the adoption agency’s handling of the adoption.

The adoption agency allowed for the adoption to occur without any consent from Achane who was legally married to the child’s mother at the time.

Jared and Kristi Frei, the adoptive parents, and the adoption agency were given 60 days to return Teleah, who is now 21 months old back to Achane.

The Frei family plans to appeal the ruling.

However Achane is pleading with the family to reconsider filing an appeal saying, “There is no court order saying they have the right to my child. I just won the case. I want to get my daughter and raise my daughter.”

Teleah’s mother Tira Bland was married to Achane when the couple became pregnant. Achane then moved to work as a drill instructor in South Carolina. He believed his then wife would move to South Carolina with him but before he re-location the two began having marital problems.

According to reports, Bland suggested the couple abort the baby or give it up for adoption, but Achane declined both options.

While Achane was away working, Bland secretly gave birth to their daughter and gave her up for adoption in the spring of 2011.

Achane found out months later that she was given up for adoption after Bland admitted it to him after months of being unable to contact his then-wife.

After finding out his daughters fate, Achane began fighting to gain custody of her.

Unfortunately, while Achane gains his daughter back the Frei’s lose a child after almost two years of being her parent. It is definitely a lose-lose scenario.

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7 thoughts on “Judge Rules Adopted Child Should Return to Father

  1. The father should bring a lawsuit against the agency and the mother needs to be prosecuted. I have no sympathy for the Frei’s because they should have done the proper thing the moment they found out that the child’s adoption was not legal. The time they spent with her and the attachment is their own fault. They kept this baby for months AFTER they knew it was not done properly. Good for you father. The nerve of some people.

  2. Jacquelynn on said:

    The adoptive parents need to move on. It’s unconscionable and selfish that they would appeal the verdict knowing the facts. They should put themselves in this father’s place and put their feelings of loss aside, hard as it may be, and thank God that they didn’t have the child any longer than they did to further bond as she grew. Good she gets to go back to her biological father while she knows nothing about the situation. She won’t even remember the adoptive parents, so no trauma.

  3. RENO2AC on said:

    The adoptive parents would only be wasting their money by continuing to fight this. He did not sign over his parental rights. He did not even know that HIS child was put up for adoption. This is not a case of, “Gave the child up, changed my mind, want the child back.” HIS child was given away unknowingly.

  4. Chris40 on said:

    Good for Terry Achane for getting his daughter back!!!!!! Hopefully, the adoption agency and the mother will be dealt with!!!!!

  5. coy bell on said:

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