Hi Mr. Joyner,

This holiday will be an emotional one for my children and me.   It will be our first without my husband and their father.  In October, my brave thirty-seven year-old husband, Gregory Washington, lost his long battle with cancer    we had been together since we were twenty-one years-old and although we were married for sixteen years, he always talked to me as if I was his best friend.  We have three wonderful children—a thirteen year-old daughter and two sons—ten and twelve.

Tom, my children and i are grateful to have so many fantastic memories of Greg.   He was a remarkable man who always thought of himself as being ordinary.   He was anything but ordinary to us, because he had the ability to be a great father and loved us beyond measure. My kids are helping me through my grief by reminding me that “life must go on”. Basically, they are children acting like children.

They would like Christmas to feel like Christmas with presents, a decorated tree, and holiday eating.They are too young to understand that hospital bills and Greg’s inability to work has left me struggling.   Right now, I don’t know “if” or “how” to get in the Christmas spirit, but i know that they will be disappointed if i can’t get it together.

So Tom, I am turning to you to ask for a Christmas wish to make this holiday special for my children.My daughter is a “sweet little diva” who is asking for a “bedroom makeover” with a new bed and more sophisticated decorations.  she turns fourteen in January and a new room is all she can talk about.   my ten year old, who has a love of music like his dad, wants a drum-set and my eldest boy would like a TV in his room so he could play video games with his little brother.

As for me—decorating the tree, running for their presents and cooking a festive meal will keep me busy and help me get through the holidays.  My children’s happiness is really all the gift I need.

Tosha Washington,

A  Mom who could Use a Blessing

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