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The Apollo audience is notoriously hard on amateurs, as anyone who’s watched all the televised versions of Amateur Night knows very well. Fortunately, veteran comedian Sinbad is far from an amateur.  His successful three-decade career has crossed genres from TV to film to the standup stage. Best known to many for his role as Coach Walter Oakes on the Black college sitcom “A Different World” he’s also done a reality show and several televised specials. Sinbad even took a backwards step into politics during the 2008 presidential election when he refuted then-candidate Hilary Clinton’s claims that she’d been near sniper fire on a trip to Bosnia. (Sinbad was a performer on the same tour.)

On Friday, December 7th, Sinbad heads to the Apollo Theater for a one-man pre-holiday show that includes his usual brand of family-friendly humor. Expect plenty of laughs from comedy giant, who once played basketball for the University of Denver.  Although Sinbad always knew he’d be in entertainment, he didn’t know at first that he’d be on a standup stage.

“I didn’tknow it was going to be standup,” Sinbad said earlier this year during an interview on KVKI 96.5.“I thought it was going to be music and acting. I didn’t know how to do standup but it happened.”

His stint in the military and competing in the Air Force comedy competition in 1981 gave him the discipline Sinbad needed to pursue comedy as a career. After washing out of the military, he competed on “Star Search” beating out Dennis Miller who also went on to a big comedy career. After “Star Search,” Sinbad was cast on “The Red Foxx Show” and the rest, as they say, is comedy history.

For tickets and info for Sinbad at the Apollo Theater, click here.

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