DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit father who inspired dozens of people to look for his missing 2-year-old daughter was sentenced to life in prison for her murder Monday while repeatedly insisting that she’s still alive.

D’Andre Lane claimed Bianca Jones was abducted during a carjacking a year ago, a tragic, emotional story that led police and volunteers to scour the city’s most depressed neighborhoods to look for her during the holiday season.

But investigators soon became skeptical and questioned Lane’s credibility. He was convicted of first-degree murder in October after prosecutors said the carjacking was a lie to cover up Bianca’s death. Authorities alleged that she was killed with a stick because she wet herself and wasn’t toilet-trained.

Bianca’s body has never been found.

“You controlled her dead body like a rag doll. … You figured that a city plagued with violence, understaffed by police — who would care? But you were wrong,” Wayne County Circuit Judge Vonda Evans said.

Lane, 33, repeatedly professed his innocence and blamed police for an incomplete investigation.

“I did not murder my child. I did not abuse my child. My child is alive,” he said.

The judge ejected him from court after he muttered that the case was full of lies.

“Vonda, you’re a liar,” Lane told Evans, calling her by her first name, as sheriff’s deputies escorted him past the bench.

Lane, who has fathered seven children with seven women, told officers during questioning that he had spanked Bianca for wetting herself. He acknowledged “discipline” but denied that it amounted to abuse.

The handler of a cadaver-sniffing dog testified at Lane’s trial that the dog detected the smell of a body in his car and in Bianca’s bedroom.

Bianca’s mother continues to support Lane. She stood in the courtroom gallery Monday and declared: “The justice system cheated us.”

“I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it,” Banika Jones said.

Defense attorney Terry Johnson blamed the media for his client’s plight, calling it “vigilantism by microphones and cameras.” He said there’s no evidence that Bianca is dead, only that she’s missing.

“This was a case that never should have been brought forth,” Johnson told the judge.

Lane has an automatic right to appeal his conviction.

Photo: (AP)

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10 thoughts on “Life in Prison For Detroit Dad in Daughter’s Death

  1. I do realize that my comment, I heard on the TJMS about the 61 year old mother who had to pay her son’s outstanding loan after he passed and she was his co-ssigner and that she was responsible for paying the debt is not the story above. However, this was a very touching story. While driving my daughter to school, we both were listening and when we heard the story we both had tears rolling from our eyes. One thing for sure, you may think you are going through but stop and listen to someone elses siutation. God bless you Tom for all that you do! Now my comment about “life in prison for Detroit dad in daughter’s death’, my heart goes out to that family. .

  2. DEEJAY on said:

    Tom Joyner, God bless you. That was an awesome thing you did for the lady this morning. You will get that back 100 fold. All the best to you and Donna and your family this Christmas.

  3. Ethel Brown on said:

    I too cried as I was driving to work, listening to the 61 year old lady story about her deceased son. Tom, THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND KINDNESS. I love listening to your show every day. You are missed very much when you are not there. The stand-in is ok, but Tom you are the best! Your radio show brings knowledge, joy and laughter to the mind and heart.

  4. Thank God for you Tom I to was in my car crying for that mother .Thank you Tom for stepping in I know God will continuely Bless you for your kindness

  5. We do indeed need more people like Tom…..taking the money directly to the needy!—not giving it up to the greedy and expecting them to do the right thing….even Jesus told the rich ruler —YOU take your wealth and YOU distribute it!!!!!!!!!

  6. Raleigh R Delesbore on said:

    Tom I want to know how I can support your effort of helping this lady by payiing that bill of $10K, I would like to send back to you $100 that you took out of your pocket to help her. You the Man. Just respond to this emai and I will verify that it is you.Thanks man for all you do.

  7. Cassie Calloway on said:

    I want to let Tom Joyner know how much i appreciate his work on the radio, tv and anything else that he’s doing. This morning i heard him on the radio. I heard the story about the 61 year old woman who lost her son to death and had to pay for is $10,000 student loan. Tom, you touched my soul! -when you offered to pay her debt. I sat in my car crying for her and praying that God would send her help and He did!!! Thank you Tom for doing this good deed and all of the other good deeds you do daily.

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