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If they were on Bravo, they’d be called “The Real Housewives of Atlanta Preachers.”  But this is TLC, the home of “Sister Wives” – and now a new reality show about five First Ladies of the church, titled “The Sisterhood.”

Premiering Jan. 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the series promises a candid look into the lives of these five women “who work to ensure that their families and churches run as smooth as Southern-churned butter,” notes TLC. Among the wives is a former member of the group Xscape and a woman whose husband was raised Jewish.

“What happens when you put five of the city’s most recognized and outspoken First Ladies in a room together? Tensions will run high as their faith and relationships are challenged through a dramatic season of disagreements, betrayal, criticism and exposing inner demons,” the network states. “Will they work together to support each other or will differences lead to tarnished friendships that are beyond salvaging a true sisterhood?”

Meet the First Ladies:

DOMONIQUE: Domonique is anything but your typical preacher’s wife. She’s bold, she’s brash, and she’s unapologetically honest. After moving to Atlanta, she met and married Brian, an Evangelical pastor, and they had two daughters together. After years of growing The Good Life Ministry, the couple fell on hard times and was forced to close the church’s doors. They are now looking for new opportunities to fulfill their calling and Domonique is hoping to repair the damage that losing the church caused to her marriage.

TARA: When most people think of preachers’ wives, they think of demure ladies in big hats, conservative suits, and strands of pearls. So when people find out Tara is a First Lady, they usually do a double take. She’s fit and fabulous and her wardrobe leaves little to the imagination. Tara and her husband Brian recently relocated their family from Los Angeles to Atlanta so Brian could pastor a new church. However, Brian, who was actually raised Jewish, lost his position at the church after only six weeks. Now the two are struggling to find their footing in a city where new churches… and new friends…are hard to come by.

IVY: Most First Ladies do not have a colorful past like Ivy. As one of the members of girl group Xscape, Ivy lived the partying life of a pop star. But since meeting her husband Mark, pastor of the Emanuel Tabernacle Church, Ivy is singing a different tune. She is now a dutiful First Lady, wife, and mother to a one-year old son. However, her not-so-wholesome past helps Ivy relate to and connect with her inner city congregation.

CHRISTINA: It’s rare that you’ll hear a first lady say, “I’m Dominican and I don’t play!” But Christina often makes it known that she’s a sassy Latina who you don’t want to mess with. Christina and her husband Anthony run one of the largest and most successful churches in Atlanta called the Oasis Family Life Church. But the success of their church also means they struggle to meet the needs of their ever-growing congregation. And, if that weren’t stressful enough, Christina and Anthony also have to wrangle their two challenging teenage daughters who are just as sassy as their mother.

DELANA: One look at DeLana singing on stage in her leather pants and spiked heels and you’ll definitely think she’s a rock star. But don’t let her rocker chick exterior fool you – she’s a First Lady through and through. DeLana and her husband Myles pastor the Worship with Wonders Church where music plays a big part in their ministry. They write their own music and perform original songs at every Sunday service. In addition to music, DeLana is passionate about helping children. She has two children of her own and often acts as a surrogate mother to young members of her congregation in need.

See a preview of the upcoming show below.

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8 thoughts on “TLC Adds Reality Series about Atlanta Preachers’ Wives

  1. Howdy! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a
    quick shout out and tell you I truly enjoy reading through your posts.

    Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects?
    Thank you!

  2. gretta on said:

    i disagree with all of you. not all preacher or first lady act like that . we have to understand everybody have problem,so of them do cheat on their wife,some are abuse,wife lair you have to know they are human,so u just don,t know what they do behind close door.god is the only one that can judge.

  3. pamela green on said:

    Not a good idea..I’m a First Lady and I don’t and won”t ever conduct as that. You should always remember that your actions affect your Pastor/husband….. Praising God and saving souls should be their priority but through the previews I don’t see none of that ….. Not A Good Idea…. Trash this show…

    • Thanks for the feedback first lady.
      Let me shoot down an arguement I think someone will make. This is in no way judging these women. They have a right to do whatever they want to do and be who they want to be. This isn’t the issue. You’re held to a higher standard when you are a pastor and first lady. Expected to be above the foolishness that main stream society (or the world) presents. What would be the difference between these ladies and the basketball wives and RHOA, etc? May not be exact same, but even if there are similaries, its not good. If I as a man came into a church where these women have short skirts and high heel shoes as the first lady, I ain’t thinkin about being saved!! OK, I’m done!!!

  4. OK, not sure if anyone will like this but I do NOT think this show is a good idea. I think it will paint church women in a negative light and make them look bad. If you read the bios of these women, sounds like some drama will be involved and I hope they don’t take on a real housewives of ATL mentality with bad language and short fitting dresses (RHOA, Basketball wives type). Oh wait, leather pants and spiked heals. I would guess that the average preachers wife doesn’t dress nor act like these women will probably be. This show may rub the average church woman and/or preachers wife the wrong way. I’m curious to see how Ivy’s character does.

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