DeKalb County police charged Tyasia Jackson, 13, as an adult. She is accused of murdering her 2-year-old sister.

Jackson walked with her head down when DeKalb County detectives escorted her inside Magistrate court for her first appearance Tuesday.

Shelton Latroy Ray is the biological father of Sasha Lamaya Ray, 2, of Decatur. “She told me out of her own mouth that she did it,” said Ray.

According to investigators, Jackson was babysitting Sasha and her four other young siblings while both parents were at work.

Ray said Jackson was caught with a boy inside the home while he and her mother were away from the house.

Ray told investigators that Jackson called him Monday and confessed to the murder.

Veronica Hillman, a coworker of Ray’s wife who is also a neighbor, reports seeing the teen allow the boy into the home. The coworker then called the wife at work and went to the house.

Hillman said she found the boy hiding inside a closet.

“She made all the other kids go upstairs and then she stabbed her by the back door. Put her outside came back in the house, cleaned up the blood, changed clothes then came outside and started looking for her [Sasha] with everybody else,” Ray said.

Ray said he and his wife have to bury one child and find the strength to support another.

“It’s tough to swallow right now. I can’t believe it. At the same time she still needs our help. We are her parents,” said Ray.

Watch news video below.

CBS Atlanta 46

9 thoughts on “13-Year-Old Atlanta Teen Kills Sister

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  3. chaquille on said:

    #1. God Bless this family, they need you right now…#2. I would have the 13 year old mentally tested…#3. Big sistesr get tired of watching siblings…They did not make them, not sure why they/we havehad to take care of them while parents are at work, then running errands, etc….#4. Watching siblings is/was not going to stop me from doing what I wanted to do…#5. God Bless this family, they need you right now!!!

  4. ddawk917 on said:

    I will pray for this young child and her family. This is what we as people has set the stage for by allowing our children to be exposed to evil in this society. We take our childrens innocents at such a young age. Then we expect them to be able to decipher what is good and evil, they are desensitized to sex, love, life and death. Television, videos games, music, cell phones, internet and idol time are the devils playground. We as a black society need to rethink what we are exposing our children to. Do not judge let us just Pray. This is a little girl not an adult.

  5. lucretiasplace on said:

    13 years old It’s amazing how far the mind will go to cover up what one doesn’t want to be punished for or found out, no matter the age for what ever reason, this young girl didnt want it to be know she was intrested in a boy and that she had company enough to kill her sister for telling, such a young age to have so much expectation till she didnt feel free to talk to her parents about liking the boy, we can all sit back and point the finger, its apparent she shouldnt have been babysisting not because what happen but because she wasnt comfortable with her self, nor did she have he support given to her that her parent gave to her, all I can say is that we must learn to accept our children and talk to them and leave the doors of communication open correction and room for mistakes, may the grace of God, lesson her sentence and may the neighbors support the parents and offer to watch the children, so they may continue to work without over bearing he children to care for themselves alone. may she recieve counseling, and may an attorney help her get the mental help she needs, I dont think she should be charged as an adult, I believe her mind is troubled, and that she needs mental help and that urgently, I would hate to see the system charge and convict her as an adult, without getting an mental evaulation 1st!

  6. This story is hard to comment on without make too many assumptions. One thing I know for sure is this young girl should not be charged as an adult.

  7. TipTip919 on said:

    My heart goes out to this family as well.. My goodness. I really dont know how to respond to this article. I just hope that other parents will learn that a 13 year old has no business taking care of 5 kids for an eight hour period. I know she knew better, but still she is a baby herself. My goodness, I am so sad right now. RIP little Angel, and may God be with the 13 year old.

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