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Chris Paul blasts through 60 seconds of the Hostess’ imminent revival, lowered gas prices, and the transgender inmate.

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This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

Great news, according to the CEO of Hostess they may have a potential buyer to keep the company in business.  All cheer, Ho, Ho, HORRAY!  Ho, Ho, HORRAY!  So if Governor Chris Christie passes the credit check the company is his.

Over the past two weeks the price of gas in the US has dropped by 7 cents a gallon.  So for all of you haters upset about President Obama’s reelection now’s the perfect time to fill up and drive your asses to Mexico.

A workers at a Goodwill store in Texas found $3,300 cash stuffed inside of some donated shoes.  People are calling this a Thanksgiving miracle.  But the employee is calling it his last damn day working at Goodwill.

Transgender inmate Michelle Kosilek is fighting to have the prison pay for her electrolysis treatment.  Man, that’s lady’s got some balls!

I’m Chris Paul and this was the Morning Minute.