The ladies of “Basketball Wives” Miami is threatening to shut it down unless VH1 pays up. According to TMZ,filming began last week for the 5th season, but Shaunie O’Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketcham contracts are not locked in.

According to their sources:

The “Wives” are in the process of renegotiating their contracts and they all want major pay raises, claiming the show does quite well for the network.

Our sources say VH1 is refusing to pony up more cash. We’re told before filming started, execs made it clear that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that … they could be replaced.

Do you think the ladies deserve a pay hike?

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8 thoughts on “Pay Up: ‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Threatening To Walk

  1. marlomarie0903 on said:

    You really have to be kidding me…. First of all I’m still trying to figure out why is the show called Basketball Wives. Shaunie is fake to me because she fuels the fires then tries to be the peacemaker. I used to like Evelyn and Tami, well Tami I still do like, but Evelyn portrays this tough I don’t care attitude and she is nothing but a bully. Tami lost points with me after the whole episode messing with that woman like that. Suzi one word PUNK!!!! Shaunie made every believe that she could not stand Gloria, but when you see money you put everything aside, cause she damn sure is the Executive Producer of Basketball Wives LA

  2. wellsk1959 on said:

    If all of these ladies have so much money to go shopping, take trips to exotic locations, and to keep up their looks, I don’t see why they need a raise. The only one that may need the raise is Shaunie because she is the executive producer. The rest of them can leave.

  3. Zabadread on said:

    wow with all the major issues this world has why are people wasting time with these has been birds? why and raise for what acting like FOOLS

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