A New York thief didn’t realize he incriminated himself when he asked his coworkers for advice on his theft plan.

Renel Renee Richardson is facing theft charges after he allegedly asked his coworkers for information about a shipment of nearly $2 million worth of iPad Mini tablets. Richardson, who worked in the Cargo Air Services building where the shipment would be transported, also asked his coworkers how he could access a forklift prior to carrying out the plan.

Authorities arrested Richardson after the shipment was found missing Monday night. According to reports, he served as a lookout in a robbery plan that involved two of his coworkers. The two other thieves, who have not been identified, served more substantial roles in the theft. The trio supposedly lifted two cases of approximately 3,600 iPads, loaded them onto a truck and attempted to leave with the stolen cargo until they were confronted by another airport employee. The thieves did, however leave three other pallets of iPads behind.

Richardson worked with investigators to locate the stolen goods and even tried to help them track down the truck used in their devised scheme as far as Long Island.

This is not the first time Cargo Air Services has been involved in large-scale robberies. In 1978, the cargo center was involved in the “Lufthansa Heist” where thieves stole $5 million in cash and $875,000 in jewelry from airport vaults. Unlike Richardson and his gang, Jimmy Burke, the leader of the heist, made sure those involved in his robbery plans did not speak about the theft even to the point of murder.

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