Remember when you were a child and there was a special wish you had for Christmas? The Tom Joyner Morning Show® is making your grown-up dreams come true by granting wishes that will make someone happy throughout the year — not just at Christmas time. Every Wednesday is Christmas! Thanks to McDonalds, each week a Christmas Wish is granted for anything from new carpeting for a church to a wedding for a deserving couple who otherwise would not have a ceremony. Listen now to this week’s Christmas Wish on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. If you have a special wish for yourself, a family member, neighbor, friend or even a stranger, take time to write Tom and tell him about it. One – page Christmas Wish letters can be faxed to (972) 458-1690 or submit it online below!


One thought on “Christmas Wish

  1. Yvonne Schmidt on said:

    Hello im writing on behalf of my daughter Kristi. For the past two years she has been sick. In 2015 she had diverticulitis that became infected and had to have a portion of her colon removed. Five days after the surgery tragedy struck and she had an anastomosis leak. To put it plainly her colon popped open. Since then she has had five open bowel surgeries, experienced terrible pain and lost everything; her job, her puppy, her car and independence. Kristi has become very depressed because she cant get around and public transportation such as metro access is out of the question because its too painful for her to take. I would love for her to have a new car or at least get the one she has to be completely fixed because it hasn’t been driven in two years. Can you please help. Her cell is 301-260-5993

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