Do you recycle? If not, Thursday, November 15 is your chance to get started as its National Recycling Day.  Damon Wayans Jr. of that famous Wayans family and the hit sitcom “Happy Endings” will be on hand at the Bud Light Recycling Zone in Los Angeles to inform the public about the importance of recycling. He’ll take part of an America Recycles Day event that features a 20-foot goalpost constructed from 125,000 crushed aluminum cans.

Wayans Jr., the 29-year-old son of actor Damon Wayans, is part of the next generation of Wayans family members who seem bent on taking over Hollywood. He plays Brad Williams on “Happy Endings” which began its third season on ABC in October. Wayans Jr.’s acting career began in 1994 in “Blankman” and he worked as a staff writer on his dad’s hit sitcom “My Wife and Kids.” (Reportedly, the son on the show was based on Damon, Jr.) But if you think that Damon, Jr. had an easy ride because of his famous last name, you’d be wrong.   His father says despite their privilege that his four kids were raised with strict values, the same way he was raised.

“When I was bad as a kid and I did stuff and got arrested, I'd tell the police not to call my father, I'd rather spend a night in jail than face my father,” Wayans Sr. said in 2004. “I think that kind of fear and respect for your parents is good. My eldest son Damon, Jr. is now 21 and I can still make him cry like a baby just by talking to him. It comes down to how I first disciplined him.”

Watch the last episode of “Happy Endings” in its entirety here:  “Happy Endings” airs on ABC on Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

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