Mitt Romney was reluctant to concede during last week’s election. But he didn’t waste any time canceling campaign funds.

Sources report that Romney canceled campaign credit cards which have left many of his staffers stranded.

The campaign’s finances dwindled shortly after the Republican candidate finished his concession speech.

Many of Romney’s aides said they found out the credit cards no longer worked after taking cabs home Tuesday night.

However, the funds still exist. The campaign is allowed to sustain the money for up to two years in order to pay election expenses as long as they are properly filed with the Federal Election Commission.

While many of his staffers are left disappointed, other aides believe Romney’s actions are simply “fiscally conservative.”

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9 thoughts on “Romney Cancels Campaign Credit Cards Leaving Staff Broke

  1. arlesterp on said:

    this is the guy that wanted to turn the county around, yea right. remember he lost and took his ball and cancelled their card, but remember he part of the 53%. we 47% don’t due our fellow americans like that.

  2. Those “other aides must not have been left “hanging” by Romney. Why else would they “circle” the wagons around him? To you “other aides” how about helping your stranded colleagues out.

  3. yorky1966 on said:

    He could have at least told them he was cancelling them. What a shock to know your card doesn’t work AFTER you have taken a taxi cab!

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