On Friday, Kevin Hart arrived by private airline to Teterboro Airport and headed straight to Newark, NJ for a meeting with Mayor Cory Booker.  He delivered well-needed funds in support of the community of Newark in Sandy’s aftermath.

Hart, in town for his “Let Me Explain Tour” with performances at NJ-PAC and Madison Square Garden this weekend, took time out to tour the city of Newark, gaining a first-hand account of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath within the city’s communities.  Making his first stop at the Newark Emergency Command Center, Hart joined City of Newark Business Administrator Julien Neals for a walk-through of the operation center.

“After Sandy, we went into what we refer to as a level 2 activation.  We brought in crisis leaders from the city’s core resource departments to help provide immediate assistance” said Neals.

Hitting close to home for the Philly native, Hart expressed his sentiments to Mayor Booker and his staff.

“This was a shocking reality for me,” said Hart. “I commend you all for pulling together this impressive operation and I’m so happy to be of service.” 

Expressing his gratitude and appreciation to Hart, Mayor Booker shared, “we are blown away by you wanting to be here, and are thankful for your generosity.  It has truly boosted our spirits.”

Embarking upon a brief tour of Newark, Hart and Booker arrived at their final stop, Shaquille O’Neal’s CityPlex 12. There, Hart presented Mayor Booker with a check in the amount of $50,000 donated to the Newark Fireman’s Charity Fund.  Hart also left $50,000 worth of gift cards, and cases of water and cold-weather wear, given by Vitamin Water, for the Mayor to distribute.

“I’m blessed; and to be able to help these families obtain the basic necessities that they need is both humbling and uplifting,” said Hart.

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