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After his hugely successful single "My President" that even President Barack Obama commended him for, rapper Young Jeezy has released a new song in celebration of President Obama's re-election titled "We Done It Again."

The explicit song is backed by a thumping baseline and eerie sample that compliments the deep issues rapped about in the presidential anthem.

"We Done It Again" is a far cry from the up-beat hip-hop banger "My President" which included the famous line "My President is Black, My Lambo is Blue."


However, the topics discussed in the track like Trayvon Martin's death, gang violence and other issues many in the black community may face lends itself to be more than just a club favorite, unlike like its predecessor.

"We Done It Again" manages to still have you bobbing your head while also critically thinking about the state of our future.

He raps, "It's for every ghetto in the world/every little boy little girl/I don't know you but I feel your pain/so forreal I'm making it rain /we waitin on a savior, maybe Barack."

In one verse the rapper even asks, "What does Romney know about my ghetto to say the least" which was a sentiment many people agreed with during the grueling campaign.

Click here to listen to Young Jeezy's song "We Done It Again."

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