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This is our moment, not  just because we won, but the way we won. There’s a lesson in last night’s victory for all of us.

If you have a good plan or a good idea or a good dream, you set a goal and keep your eye on the prize. You are not taken off of your game by haters, doubters and naysayers. You surround yourself with people who believe in you. And you don’t stop until you succeed.

There were so many times during this race where we all could have believed that it was no longer worth the fight. Voter suppression, voter intimidation, long lines, trickery … but we didn’t quit.  Like soldiers, we marched forward together. We stood up and were counted in the crucial battleground states and the states that mathematically had little impact.

When you lived through adversity, or your parents or grandparents have, you don’t run from it. You run toward it. And through it.

So, now we know for sure that we count. We matter. We have power.  We are game changers. We can elect presidents, governors and senators, school boards and block club captains. We can make a difference. We won’t always win, but we will always be a force.

Black people, young people, Latino, the disabled, gays … these are the people that gave President Obama the push he needed. This is what America looks like, whether you like it or not, and now it can’t be denied. The Republicans have some work to do. And so do we.

But right now, it’s okay to bask in the victory.  Just don’t lose your job doing it.

I’m exhausted, but it’s a good tired — the tired you feel when you’ve completed a task, when you’ve crossed the finished line, when you’ve done what someone said you were too weak to accomplish.

I think this Facebook post from Keisha Cook sums it up nicely:

Mr. Joyner,

Thank you kindly for 866-MY-VOTE-1.  My sister, who is a disabled vet, waited in line for an hour. Once she made it to the front, she was informed that she was not on the list to vote there! Mind you, she has voted there for the last three elections. She became frustrated and upset. I encouraged her not to give up! I remembered that you had a hotline, and I gave her the number. She was informed that her designated voting place had been changed! She was able to go home and get some comfortable shoes, food and water and head back out there!

Keisha’s sister didn’t give up, and neither did we.

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20 thoughts on “This is Our Moment – Again

  1. vdelgado581 on said:

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  2. JOCELYN on said:


  3. Ivan Butcher II on said:

    Our problem as a People, all we have been doing is just Surviving.

    We as a People must begin to Strive together, definitely not relying on one person.

    Today it is not about fighting for our rights, it is about how we use those rights that others have sacrificed to achieve.

    To me, Complaints are Empty without Solutions.

    How would you address unemployment in the Black communities?

    I believe today, someone would do much better offering their services to businesses, corporations, and the public instead of asking for a job.

    The public school system, especially, is not providing the students with viable skills/trades to survive in this Tech driven economy.

    Even a college student with a trade would be able to supplement themselves, but to send non-college bound graduates into the work force with a diploma, no trade, no jobs, unfair labor practices, nepotism, discrimination, racism, etc., is by design.

    Self Love: Before Affirmative Action

  4. snugsEsnugs on said:

    yes this is our moment ….i pray every day , but on election day i prayed , or more like talked to God the whole day .. i had coffee with God .i work at a all white folks high end retirement community and i sat and listened to the negative stuff they said during the whole process about the Big chief in silence .When he won , i was so happy that no words can express my joy , had to do several dances in the bathroom ..i still have to pay my bills ..and yes we need to win the mid-term elections to be able to make a major impact , And would personal like to thank you for all the work you do in the community from education to entertainment ,,

  5. TigreNoir on said:

    I keep reading that “WE” won. We, African-Americans must not forget that it was also Hispanics, gays, white women, Asians and 40% of white males that put President Obama over the top. I also must point out that Obama is not the Black President. President Obama is a black man who was elected to the office of the President of the United States. I would be hard-pressed to say that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Lyndon Johnson were White Presidents. I hope that the term “WE” means us Americans. I cannot foresee a black man to ever occupy this office again. Look for women and Latinos to head the Executive Branch after the Obama years. White males are definitely pariahs. So let’s take advantage of a godsend and show America how it is supposed to be.

  6. blkconserv on said:

    I’m curious, were you equally “moved” by the 400 plus murders that have occurred in Chicago this year, including countless black children under the age of 18 (including 7-y.o. Heaven Sutton, shot in the head as she sat outside selling candy with her mom?) Were you moved by Obama’s visits to all those grieving black parents whose children were killed by black gang violence?. Oh wait, those visits never happened. He also never mentioned the CDC report that MURDER is now the #1 cause of death for 12 year old black boys in America. (Conservative Black Network. com) But boy, he sure found time to mention gay marriage, over and over and over again. Good to know he appreciates his loyal black constituents, isn’t it?

  7. blkconserv on said:

    In the latest unemployment report, black unemployment stands at 14.3% (while white unemployment is down to 7% and Hispanic is at 10.% – Conservative Black Network. com). More importantly, black youth unemployment is at 40.5%. That’s FIFTEEN POINTS HIGHER THAN DURING THE GREAT DEPRESSION!!!. Blacks have missed the greatest political opportunity in history — they had the power to DEMAND changes that would have improved the lives of their children. Instead, they simply GAVE their votes away (with Hispanics, gays and white women capitalizing off of their own power, and blacks acting like infantile puppets, incapable of acting in their own best interest). Don’t ever again wonder why blacks remain mired at the bottom of the economic ladder, or why MURDER is the #1 cause of death for black boys aged 12-19 (see Conservative Black Network. com). Life is this way because blacks have proven that they are willing to accept anything, and demand nothing, so long as their misery is being meted out by a half-black “leader..

  8. AshantaJae. on said:

    My family and I have had the pleasure of being present for these historical moments in Chicago and it has been EXTREMELY moving. I don’t discount those that voted for Romney because they have the power of choice but I SURELY do applaud those that DID CUZ WE WON BAAABBBAY! I have been documenting since 2008 so please, chk out my vid: BEAUTIFUL BROWN LINES: AN ELECTION MONOLOGUE –

  9. No time for celebration the democratic party needs to start letting the people know when the next mid-terms are coming so everyone will know when to vote and we all have to come out for those to. So we can clear out that House of Representatives.

  10. AshantaJae. on said:

    My family and I have had the pleasure of being present for these historical moments in Chicago and it has been EXTREMELY moving. I don’t discount those that voted for Romney because they have the power of choice but I SURELY do applaud those that DID CUZ WE WON BAAABBBAY! I have been documenting since 2008 so please, chk out my vid: BEAUTIFUL BROWN LINES: AN ELECTION MONOLOGUE –

  11. ConanDoyle on said:

    Praying for God’s protection for those who have murdered tens of millions of our unborn black babies? Jesus would support those politicians who are increasingly pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, anti-family, anti-life, anti-Church, anti-God, anti-Bible and anti-Christian?

    No. I cannot believe any of us truly believe this is God’s will for us. Whatever it may, it is most certainly not this.

    < a href="">Watch Bishop E.W. Jackson’s Message to Black Christians

  12. ConanDoyle on said:

    I’m not able to celebrate the four million black babies who will be aborted the next four years with this party and president beholden to the biggest abortion mill.

    I’m not going celebrate all the gay marriages. Or the continuing 50% unemployment among black males – even if we keep blaming someone else for it.

    I’m not celebrating the continued destruction of our families with 80% of our babies born without a father – much much higher than hispanics or whites. I’m not celebrating a party and president that has created such incentives to *not* have a father for our babies, to *not* be self-sufficient, but instead dependent on government who we have to keep voting for while it destroys our souls and our families.

    So, tell me again, just what did we win?

    Oh, yeah, he’s a good singer.

  13. arlesterp on said:

    tom i could not have said it better. it just make you feel so good, when i woke up this a.m. all of my student were happy as well as some of our faculty. the president said he was going to reach out to mitt and talk to him, but if he had of lost they were counting the days until jan. 20th. tom all of us are thanking you rev. al,the ed show michell m. and mr matthews on mnsbc. thank god for freedom of speech.

  14. jimmyg on said:

    Folks there are some pissed off citizens out there,who are very disappointed today.It’s called the agony of defeat.I believe that thrill of victory is much sweeter. So,I thank God..Thank God..Then thank God again..Now can we move this ship,warp speed forward?..

  15. America, God’s will has been done! Some are elated, many are unhappy and downright furious, but regardless of the feelings, God appointed who He wanted because nothing is done without His final say so. Now, it’s time to stop, cease and desist all the disrespect, animosity, hatred and prejudices (all races and nationalities). It is going to take the prayers, cooperation and willingness to work to…gether of all of us from the Oval Office to the citizens of every state to move America forward. We have everything it takes to become a greater, more powerful, respectable and resouceful Nation. Come on people, let’s make it happen. The Elections are over, what’s done is done and no matter how you feel about it, it is not going to change the final results. Now let’s git er done! Let’s get crackin’! We’ve got work to do, TOGETHER! Father God, in the Name of Jesus, I thank You for Your will and I pray your protection, divine wisdom and guidance over President Barack Obama. I pray You will raise up a Nation who will be willing to work together, harmoniously, for the good of Your people and the great USA! Bless and protect us Father. Keep us all in Your care. In Jesus Name, Amen

  16. Chosen 1 on said:

    The election truly was an example of what can be gained by the unity of our people. Realizing that true power is not found on the streets through illegal money, True power is found in the privileges of voting. The power to change the course of a nation. This victory is a testament of the power targeted by the use of felonies, by those who want hold on to their own power. All black people must now realize the urgency to let NOTHING, especially a Felony take that power away from you. Under no circumstance is it acceptable to take a chance at a felony or anything else that would take a way TRUE POWER. The value of a strong united black community is far greater than that of street money. There is no real power in money gained by victimizing people, joining with groups, that stand on street corners only to be sought by and taken away by todays patty wagons. Money with real power can only gained legally, invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, moved not throughout neighborhoods but throughout nations. Changing the course of our people and moving our community and our nation forward.

  17. africanwarrior on said:

    Congratulation To President Obama with his win.
    The win will be easier that governing, he will face much tougher opposition with very little support from the Republican dominated house and Speaker Boehner supported by Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc Connell and 30 Republican governors who control 30 states ,and Democrats who control only 20 governorships were the actual governing takes place. Also consider that The President needed 60 Democrat Senators Elected , and got only 51.
    Both Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Mitch Mc Connell stated last night and this morning that the President must come to them with proposal on how to avoid “Going Over The Economic Cliff and Collapse Of The USA Economy”

    Nothing will be accomplished due to Macho Egos

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