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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – A protest against the re-election of President Barack Obama got out of hand at the University of Mississippi, and officials say racial slurs were tossed in a crowd that grew to about 400 students after rumors spread that a riot had broken out.

Two arrests were reported but university officials say there were no injuries or property damage.

A university spokesman says the gathering began after midnight with 30 to 40 students protesting Obama's re-election but quickly grew. Rumors exploded on Twitter after student journalists posted a video calling the gathering a riot.

Chancellor Dan Jones on Wednesday condemned the disturbance, saying most students and faculty are "ashamed" of the actions of a few.

He said inaccurate comments and photos posted on social media sites don't match police observations.

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7 thoughts on “Ole Miss Chancellor Condemns Campus Protests Sparked by Obama re-election

  1. aroundtheway on said:

    How is an actual photo inaccurate? Denial is something else.
    I love my POTUS Barack Obama. I’m currently working in a foreign country, and my coworkers and I watched election coverage all night at work. Foreigners love and support Obama more than some Americans.
    As an American, the most heart breaking part was my coworkers from England, Phillipines, India, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia,and Jordan question why all of America was not happy about Obama being re-elected. They don’t understand the hatred because they said even THEY can see he’s a wonderful man who works hard for his country. In the US, freedom of speech is morphing into freedom to hate
    I’m sure only a tiny percentage of these UM students actually voted, or are even educated on Obama’s political stances, economic progression, or his policies. All they know is the white man running against him didn’t win.
    Ironic how Romney wanted to cut funding to PBS educational programs and decrease government funded financial aid to colleges.. I wonder how, as students, they feel about that?

  2. eleyda on said:

    OLE MISS flew the rebel flags at football games for YEARS(throughout the 90s and early 2000), despite this university being racially diversed! Not sure why any person of color would play sports or even attend such institution that harbors awful race relations! I am not surprised by this at all. That’s why we need to support our HBCUS! I wonder why I haven’t seen this on the national news? I am certain if the situation was different we would see this on breaking news! By the way let’s see if the culprits are deciplined by the school!

  3. TCMas50 on said:

    Ole Miss campus, huh? Well, duh!! Who would not have thought that this kind of generational ignorancy was not going to break out on this campus and many others like it in the south or north?

    I blame their parents and grandparents for raising such useless thinking and bigotry.

  4. arlesterp on said:

    what a shame we had m.l.k and all the civil rights to make what happen last night come true. we must also understand that that is the south that will never change. we as people of color must show our children that they are better than that. our president made me feel so good and proud to be a person of color because our president has class and style. he always takes the high road. i’m in education and it makes so easy to teach our young men to follow him.

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