According to TMZ, FOX NFL analyst Terry Bradshaw is “really upset” because he’s being accused of racism.

The accusations come in light of him comparing a Reggie Bush touchdown run on Sunday to someone chasing a “bucket of chicken.” However, Bradshaw tells TMZ there’s a simple explanation — that his co-analyst-host, Jimmy Johnson, is a fiend for chicken!

Watch video clip below.

According to TMZ, Bradshaw said he was unaware there was any controversy until friends started calling him this morning.

Bradshaw explained that it’s a Sunday tradition for JJ to order a bucket of KFC after they wrap the pregame show — and yesterday was no exception. Bradshaw says Johnson “won’t share it with anybody.”

Johnson backed up the bucket tale, saying, “Every Sunday I get four pieces of fried chicken, dark meat, and I eat it right there on the set.”

Bradshaw added that yesterday’s chicken comment was an innocent shot at one of his co-stars.

He adds, “I’m having a hard time with this … because that’s not me. I never put those two things together because I don’t think like that.”

“I understand why people are upset because they don’t know the inside story,” he says.


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10 thoughts on “Terry Bradshaw Responds to ‘Bucket of Chicken’ Controversy

  1. glendahand on said:

    Besides Terry Bradshaw is toooooooooooo crazy to be racist!!!!!!!!! he ain’t got that kinda time!! He is toooooooooo busy having fun and making $$$$$$$$$$.

  2. glendahand on said:

    AMEN!!!!!! TO ALL OF YOU!!! I don’t believe that about TB!! He is a Pittsburgh Steeler and everybody and their sistas know that you can’t be racist and play for Pittsburgh. LOL!!!

  3. DracAttack on said:

    I love chicken….fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, bbq chicken, jerk chicken (no pun intended), chicken soup, catchatorie chicken, chicken pot pie, etc etc!! Get over it people; move on….nothing to see here!!

  4. I agree. Terry Bradshaw’s comment wasn’t racist or harmful. Even though I don’t eat chicken (or any meat), I know many people other than African Americans who love to eat ‘buckets of chicken’. People really need to lighten up.

  5. hoodtechiee on said:

    don’t worry terry,once the black community has learned that you are a demcratic liberal and voted for obama they will forgive and forget.thats the way it usually works,but if you were a conservative all hell would break loose and rev al,jesse,tom and the other so called black leaders would be asking for your head

  6. Real talk. We sometimes are hypersensitive with this kinda thing. Everything people say seems to offend us. We blow somethings out of proportion as with this case. But some of our own say offensive things ABOUT US and we don’t seem to complain about that as loudly or strongly. In fact, we SUPPORT it with high record/book/movie/concert sales, etc. To take it a step further, EVERYONE knows it is a common joke that black folks love chicken. OUR OWN comedians joke about it and we don’t complain.
    Lets get over this and not be the transporter of negativity but the trash can for it!!!

  7. africanwarrior on said:

    Many Whites, Chinese, African Blacks like me , Asians , and Indians love buckets of fried chicken it’s so delicious, I would run for a bucket of chicken when I am hungry.

    Terry Bradshaw is a good man and I don’t believe this is a racist remark.
    Why are we African Americans so overly sensitive to insignificant comments ?
    What is wrong with wanting a bucket of chicken ?
    We are playing into racist stereotypes , on one hand it’s ok for JAY Z to make comments about ” A Ni… er in Paris” or a multitude of Black rap singer using The N word and insulting Black women, and on the other hand some sensational rag journalist tries stirs up emotions when a White football analyst like Terry Bradshaw make an inoffensive comment about chasing a bucket of chicken.
    I think it Tom Joyner should sanction , and make an apology about comment DL Hughley about his contempt and stereotyping of Black Women, and not to mention his frequent cussing and berating Blacks .
    Terry Bradshaw’s comments are not evil or harmful to the African American community.

  8. rhemasplace on said:

    Being from the south, I know the analogy of black people and chicken perpetuated by whites. Most people who eat meat love chicken and have a preference of white or dark…but we as a people have to rise above this and stop allowing others to dictate who we are!…the only way we are going to be strong is to move beyond these silly stereotypes and start building our race up for the strong kings and queens we truly are!!!!…lets move on people for our own sakes!!!

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