D.L. Hughley is taking a not-so-funny jab at black women.

In his new book, “I Want You to Shut the F*** Up: How the Audacity of Dopes is Ruining America”, the funny man turned political commentator reveals his disdain for black women.

In Chapter 17, Hughley admitted that he doesn’t like women including his daughters.

“Being a dad to daughters is very different from being a dad to sons. The dangers are different and the way they listen to you is different. I’m sure every father feels the same way that I do about his daughters. I love them, but I don’t like them. Who likes women?” he said.

During an interview on NPR’s “Tell Me More” with Michel Martin, Hughley explained his reasons why.

MARTIN: You don’t like women?

HUGHLEY: I don’t like the way they process – no, I don’t. I enjoy their company. I do not like the way that they reason. You can’t understand them.

MARTIN: Well, for a man who has been married for 26 years and has two daughters – you have three children overall, two daughters and a son – you don’t think you’ve figured it out?

HUGHLEY: Do you think any man has figured it out? Anyone? Anyone? Name me a man who says I’ve figured women out, I got it. My daughters, who I love immensely, are so certain, like if a man can have a face only a mother can love, then women can have personalities only fathers can love.

MARTIN: OK. That’s fine. But I have to ask you, though, and throughout the book, though, you do make some impassioned discussions about just how cheap you feel black life is viewed in this country.

HUGHLEY: It is viewed.

MARTIN: OK. But then to go on and in many parts of the book have some very harsh things to say about black women – African-American women.

HUGHLEY: Like what do you think is harsh?

MARTIN: I have to ask, you don’t think that’s a contradiction? Well, this argument that you’re saying that….

HUGHLEY: I don’t – I think my life has been a contradiction.

MARTIN: …black women is – the only black woman you could be married to is your wife.


MARTIN: Beacause…black women are so messed up? I mean what – or because she’s so great?

HUGHLEY: Well, in her ability to kind of tolerate my – it’s her ability to tolerate me, A) and B) I’ve never met an angrier group of people. Like black women are angry just in general. Angry all the time. My assessment, out of, just in my judgment, you either are in charge or they’re in charge, so there’s no kind of day that you get to rest.

MARTIN: I have to ask whether is it because black women are an easy target?


MARTIN: And so you can say these things because nobody is going to…

HUGHLEY: Do you think black women are an easy target?

MARTIN: Well, I mean I’m thinking you or – one of the ways you came to public attention is your defense of Don Imus for calling the Rutgers women’s basketball team nappy headed ho’s…


MARTIN: …and I understand that your defense was free speech, which I think many people understand. But if you think he’d said that about another group of women, that that would’ve been considered funny?

HUGHLEY: I can’t, really, that’s like, I can’t disprove or prove a negative, but I can say this: that I have defended any number, I have defended Michael Richards for the N-word. I’ve defended Tracy Morgan for his comments. I defended Rush Limbaugh. You know, to me, you know, what people are talking about has never really kind of worked its way into my mindset. It is the idea that they have the right to say it. So I think that’s really kind of an unfair – optically, that looks different than the way I see things. But…


HUGHLEY: …I don’t think black women are easy targets at all. I respect them great – a great deal. I think that to pretend like I don’t see things the way that I do is to do a disservice to them.

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60 thoughts on “D.L. Hughley is Not a Fan of Black Women

  1. Camella Jenkins on said:

    This fool is trippN. He’s a bafoon/modern day minstrel man. I never thought he was funny, he’s an idiot and a disgrace to all intelligent black men. What is that over shadowed dark mark on his face a burn mark a mark? Married 26 years and hate all black women starting with his mother, grandmother, daughters, any and all women in his family. CNN fired his dumb azz, appearently he thought it the short lived show on CNN was to promote his stupid comedy/jokes. They dropped his azz like a hot potatoe.

  2. DL was the headline entertainer at a National Black MBA conference one year and he still “in my opinion” is not worth my time.

  3. Deegeejay on said:

    People’s experience’s are different so maybe he knows nothing but angry women? Who is he another well known person with a silly opinion.

  4. DL you want to meet an angry group of people try the KKK or any HATE group. For you to say black women are angry all the time. Well sir..it’s BS. So, you know all the black women on this planet? You should stop speaking on matters concerning “black women” because you are clearly misinformed!

  5. D.L. Must have been HIGH on something, because I have never heard him say anything like this,

    his mama is black and she is a woman and if was not for us women half of these so called silly azz brother’s wouldn’t be here.

  6. Carl on said:

    Not a huge fan.. he’s aight… I do believe that he’s an undercover brother and I always have.. so his remarks on woman are not all that surprising.. He’s one of those celebrities who uses his platform to promote foolishness and the notion that all black people are court jesters like him… This just sounds like another issue that he wants to get laughs out of… he’s clown at the end of the day…

  7. kENDALL on said:

    DL Hughley is just another ignorant black man who will say anything to get in the news. He is a fake and I don’t like him. I would not pay 20 cents to see his comedy show. He is an a##hole and I was so glad he was voted off D.W.T.S.

    • D L,(No Dancing) Hughley!!! Are you Serious????? You Dance like a White Man!!!!! haaaaaa! You are not FUNNY>>> Black Ladies,Remember,this when he ask you to listen to his “NEW” Radio Program!!! Just Say NOOOOOOOO! to Dancing Ever!! Bet. your Black Mom and Black Wife&Daugther,LOVED* Hearing this!! What an Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. • In my opinion, there is nothing angrier than a Black male and White male. I don’t have time for DL’s kind of non-sense. Who is DL, he’s a comedian with a GED. Personally, I have enjoyed his comedy, but like many black men, he has taken the fact that he can make people laugh or carry a ball of some other notoriety is bestowed upon him, that can be construed that he is some authority on life. Wrote a book. Now that’s funny. Well, I always went to see him when he was in town. No more of that. I realize that I am just one person, that’s all I can handle being. I was walking downtown in a large city and there are so many homeless black men that I have come to the conclusion that mine is in that shuffling, smelly group. I don’t think we will get together under those circumstances. So I will go about my life as a proud black woman and try to instill in my 4 grandsons to try treating women of color with respect before they decide that they are not worth it. A conclusion spread by a minute amount of black men in the media. I tell them don’t decide you have a white or otherwise woman to prove yourself someone special. Which you can only do by striking down a black woman to make marrying a white one seen as something special and turning the other way when they take them to the back. They do that by staying or going, but a brother’s going to pay. Thank God Barack didn’t do that. Because he didn’t, Michelle is his greatest asset. Because of them, strong and black, The United States of America has a 2 term Black Man as their President. (DL and his thinking had nothing to do with it). I will work to instill in my grandsons that Black is Beautiful and when you are smart enough to go down the road with one of us, there is nothing you can’t do. I will miss you DL. Until you stepped out of your comfort zone, you had me LMFAO.

  9. Why do people buy in to this stuff? DL wrote a book and his controversial statements and views are what sells it! However, everyone reading this article or who will read his book, both male and female, will be able to relate to what he is saying. Has anyone considered that perhaps this is a way to get us to talk about this perception and to peel the onion on why this perception exists? We have so many issues and the bottom line is, we are allowing them to be barriers to success and love and prosperity and hope and respect and equality and anything else that keeps us down, collectively. At the end of the day, these are just words, we need to be more concerned about our actions!

  10. jack on said:

    Something is wrong in the way Black men and Black women treat each other….I would like to see our young men pull thier pants up and our young women to keep their legs closed or be more responsible with sex…let’s have more respect for ourselves and each other…..We also have a serious health problem..Too many of us are grossy overweight ..especially our women…We need to address these issues …

    • Jacqueline Perry on said:

      Black men can be more responsible also, ,they can refuse sex without a condom.and learn to enjoy one woman, ,instead of so many baby mammas.and stop lying to women so to have sex, and then when they learn shes pregnant there gone to the next one, respect for both sexes should be taught in the home and not school or the streets.

  11. seems like there are a hellova lot of angry black men responding…wow. Get with someone that can take the edge off. You are no good to a good black woman with those hangups!

    • You are delusional. Venom is strong in your few words. You are an angry black man. It’s not our fault. Maybe a little therapy will help.

  12. I agree with DL and teh rest of you men that agree with him, because I think all balck men are lazy and dead beats. Oh and “theboss”, you are sooo wrong about Strong Black Women. Real men do want strong women. Only a real man could handle a strong woman. I know because I have one.

  13. And please, no comments about “I am a STRONG black woman” Most “strong” black women are the ones without a mate. Most black men do not want a “strong” black woman. Let the man be strong. A black man wants a woman who will be a woman to him. He wants to take care of her every need.

  14. Sorry, DL is correct. Check out all the responses from black women on this comment page!
    All angry responses. You cannot get your point across without spitting venom?

  15. lathamg on said:

    Furthermore. As a Black man, I would tell ANY woman Black, White or otherwise. You cannot be with ME when it is all about you! That is for FOOLS!

  16. lathamg on said:

    Because a Black man makes the observation that Black women are always angry and decides that he doesn’t like dealing with them, doesn’t mean he “hates his own mother” That is some stupid, backward logic that does not apply. What kind of thinking is that (???) I am one who does not pretend I don’t see what-I-see and hear what-I-hear just to please others. Sometimes the truth hurts; sometimes it’s ugly—but, it IS the truth!!

  17. glendahand on said:

    I disagree. Black women try to duplicate other nationalities. Where do think wearing weave comes from. That is not the natural texture of our hair. But because we want to look like white women and other women with long flowing hair instead of using our own natural hair. I didn’t say everyone has to sport a natural, but who are we trying to look like. It is not ourselves. The only ones trying to imitate black women are those of lower clas. With all the head shaking and trying to sound “black”. Sisters with education and money are not trying to do that. They are trying to souund intelligent. Not head shaking and don’t know who my baby daddy is like on Maury!!!

  18. glendahand on said:

    I agree!!! I am very HAPPY AND JOYOUS because my joy does not come from outside but from inside. It is not dependent on a MAN WHETHER HE IS BLACK OR WHITE. It does come from My Lord and Savour, Jesus Christ.

  19. glendahand on said:

    That may be true, but don’t put us all in the same boat. But I so agree that we are just tooo mad and talk too much. I can say this because I was that way once. Maybe a black man would do more if we would get out of the way so he could. We try to do everything and then complain about the balck man doing nothing. Stop being his mama and let him be a man. We raise our sons the same way and then complain when they don’t know how to be a man. most black women actually want to be the man. I don’t mean that in a physical sense. Try being a Proverbs 31 woman.

  20. glendahand on said:

    I am a black woman and I can say this. We as black women do appear to be agngrt all the time and WE DO TALK TOOOOO MUCH! sometimes we do need to just SHUT UP AND LISTEN. However, I do understand the anger and frustration because I am one myself. Maybe and just maybe if we were quiet sometimes…………..

  21. America is a cesspool full of people that will do anything for that dead president. The black race in America have been getting sold out by people in position to effect substantial change for decades he’s nothing new. But on the other hand he might be coming out on the down low any man that talks about any women like that just might be on the down low. It’s either one or the other. As far as sisters being angry they have a right to be after all this time in so called free America and the Black man still hasn’t put himself in position of economic power and still can’t protect black women on a national scale. Sisters today are getting degrees some of them have raised kids by themselves and have homes, and who I’m I to come with that same old pimp daddy game If I’m not in and out of jail I might have a little money and I’m screwing everything that’s not tide down. The games are getting old sisters have been the backbone of the race since we landed in this godforsaken place. They was raped by the white man, they were hung in trees and their babies cut out of their stomachs, their kids was taken away, and their natural beauty has been under constant attack in this land of Caucasian persuasion. I have a bad Queen who I love, respect, and admire for her beauty and guess what she feels the same way about me all that angry sister bull- sxx disappears if the Black man keeps it real. And she even acknowledges the excess stress the white man puts on me as the Blackman in the work place we are a team with knowledge of self and knowledge of where we are. Just because you have a little money means nothing that brother needs psychological help. Peace to the Queen

    • Shalo on said:

      Any Black male who spends his time bashing where he comes from (black female) ….is on his way to being GAY.

      Besides, how the hell is a MALE gonna tell the ORIGINAL WOMBMAN how she should BE. Especially, with all our people have gone thru? U sound like a bunch of sell out COONS. U can ONLY speak for the type ‘U’ personally date. Thas like ME saying ALL Black males DON’T take care of their children. Ha!

  22. lathamg on said:

    D.L Hughley is exactly right about Black women. I am a Black man. Throughout my life, I have never had a mutually respectful relationship with a Black woman. I dated them for 20 years. And frankly, I got tired of their bad attitudes, manipulation and game-playing. I stopped dating them 20 years ago.I am now happily married to a very nice woman who happens to be caucasion. I am happy. DL. is also right that they are the angriest group of people. All of the baggage they carry around is the reason that many of them will NEVER find a good man. Because a good man with any common sense would not tolerate their shenanigans. Good luck with your book, D. L!

  23. Zabadread on said:

    this is rough what a black fool its like he is hating his own mother,,i always felt DL was a messed up dude but this takes the cake stupidity at his highest level people need to boycott anything this clown touches wake up people.

  24. FTSMITH on said:

    I’m honored to say that I am happily married to a beautiful,full-figured Black woman. DL needs to get his act together. I know several Black women that can be manipulators, but there are decent Black women out there.

  25. MzTayla on said:

    Hughley called one of his own daughters a “ho” several times while telling a story about her on the air of his radio show on KissFM in NY. I’m not surprised by anything that comes out of mouth.

  26. rhemasplace on said:

    Black women are not angry…we are just tired of not getting the same respect that every other person believes they are entitled to!

  27. redbone1954 on said:

    How many copies of this ignorant book HAS been sold? is it on the best seller list? I doubt it. I have never liked D L. When he comes to do shows he tries to build his tired show around talking about people in the audience. And this entire interview shounded ignorant to me. I am a Black woman and how dare you say we are mad all the time.We are mad beause ignorant people like you think you can continue to put us down and call us every name in the book and then we are are supposed to respect people like you? You can go to hell and take that tired comedy routine weith you. I hope that you are through in the Black community because of this and I will be urging peole NOT to support any show you try to bring to the city where I live.DL is a NON FACTOR in my opinion

  28. africanwarrior on said:

    Tom why are You always promoting evil Black People?
    95% of all the Black people are decent hard working .
    We take care of our children, we go to school, and we are struggling but we are not evil, all of us don’t Kill, Rape , or beat up women , we are no worse that Asians, Orientals, Whites or any other races why are you giving live ammunitions to our enemies ?
    Why are you not promoting the good 95% of us, Doctors, Engineers, Scientists, Business People, Artists . Athletes Why Not Tom? We must uplift our community . We are judged extremely harshly and unfairly by our enemies are You with us Tom or against Us? This is not just about Obama Tom , This about the way we see ourselves , and the way we project ourselves to the world.
    Negative Images Create Negative People.

  29. rninicu on said:

    I am quite surprised about DL’s responses to the NPR interviewer. I now believe Tom Joyner should not continue letting DL have a ‘point of view’ response on the TJMS. I hope others do not purchase his book. Now I see why he always call Sybil ‘huzzy’. Sybil, that has never been funny to me and I hope you stop him from calling you that name.

  30. Wow and i thought his comedy routines were the only ignorant thing about him….had no idea he was actually this stupid in real life. Wifey, I feel sorry for you and hope like hell you have a $career of ur own…might be needed should you finally decide to part ways w/ this clown. imjussayin. Is all this stupidity u dishing abt ur ppl really worth it?? Aint nobody buying the book!!! How’s that for angry?

  31. PinkPoodle on said:

    O. J. Simpson didn’t like Black Women but when his butt was sitting in court for murder, the only folks sitting behind him (in his corner) were Black Women: Mother, Sister, Black Daughter and Ex-Black Wife. O. J. was so obsessed with dating a White Woman, he ended up in jail for the murders he committeed, not the armed robbery. Someone knew his weakness (White Women and that Heisman Trophy). That’s how he was suckered into trying to steal it back (entrapment). O. J. was S.O.S. (Stuck On Stupid)!

  32. africanwarrior on said:

    After This Interview I will urge Black People To Boycott your shows.
    CNN booted you out because you had extremely low ratings , and you were too damn arrogant, ill informed, and opinionated without knowing the facts.

  33. africanwarrior on said:

    Afte This Interview I will urge Black People To Boycott your shows.
    CNN booted you out because you had extremely low ratings , and you were too damn arrogant, ill informed, and opinionated without knowing the facts.

  34. africanwarrior on said:

    Hughley is entitled to his narrow minded selfish opinion.
    Isn’t he the same guy who fells that it’s Ok to use the N word ?
    Hughley is not a world leader nor does he have any influence , he is just a class C comedian. Black women have every reason to be angry, 70% of Black households are led by a overworked under appreciated Black woman , the sa,e woman who cared for selfish Hughley.
    Hughley feels that it’s ok for Black men to abuse Black women? Hughley is so loud and vocal and VULGAR WHEN HE FEELS HIS RIGHTS AS BLACK MAN ARE VIOLATED, Is it Ok Hughley for You to deprive Black Women Their Rights, aren’t Black women Human Beings? Are You more Equal Than A Black Woman ?
    Hughley You are the who should Shut The F Up! Who The Hell Do You Think You Are To disrespect Black Women? Talking About Angry ! You are The one who has low self esteem that is why you put down Black People using The N Word and The B word for women. Go To Hell

  35. mspattymelt on said:

    Believe it or NOT he has a valid point but in crazy azz way he put it out there which comes across disrespectful to his wife and mother!!!!!!!!!!! Dr King once said something similar during the days of segregation……..his stand was primarily he did not have to like the ‘actions/reactions’ of those for segregation but because of God he still had to LOVE Them???? Black women are difficult in todays times but when you get to the root of it most of the time the problem stems from the CHOICES they make for themselves?????? again take a good look any random typical ‘average’ black women on a scale to 1 – 10 he is correct almost to the point of a awwww 9 1/2……………..

  36. Well, I’ll say this. Personally I am a fan of DL’s comedy BUT I have to disagree with his view of black women. I for one believe that black women are the best race of women a man can have in his corner as a mate/supporter. All women have their issues and shortcomings just as men do. DL is entitled to his crazy opinion just as we are to ours. I hope black woman don’t let what one crazy person says about them affect them or allows them to get upset. In the grand scheme of things, he means nothing in an average persons’ life. I’ve never seen his wife, but I HOPE he isn’t married to a black woman or he will have some issues when he gets home. LOL!!

  37. wellsk1959 on said:

    My point exactly. I have mentioned this to someone else that all the other nonblack women try to either imitate or duplicate black women. Why go with an imitator or a duplicator when you have the original? I have sons, and I teach them to treat women like queens, especially black women. Black women will stand by us long after these other women have flown the coop. DL needs to thank God he has a black woman who puts up with his mess.

  38. kailynn1984 on said:

    I can only speak for me and the other black women around me and DL is an asshole. I am a black woman and the only thing in my opinion that will piss a us off is a black man will put their personal issues with the mother of their children before the well being of their kids. My two oldest children’s father hasn’t been in the picture since my son was 2 and he is now 13. I have gotten over the issue because we are strong women and we can endure anything. We are heads of households and managers of companies and we do a damn good job balancing all the duties that we have. Instead of saying black women are naturally angry maybe DL needs to use the little recognition he has and tell other black men to MAN UP and take responsiblity for their actions. Black men need to stop blaming their issues on everythnig else except for themselves. I know there are good black men out there becuase I have been blessed to have one in my life that is God sent but the bad ones out weigh the good ones.

  39. wellsk1959 on said:

    I, too, am married to a full figured black woman. I don’t know why DL feels the way he does, but if he has that much trouble with black women, then why doesn’t he divorce his wife? He knows that her “nonlogical thinking” self will take him to the cleaners. Not all black women are angry. Many times, we black men make them that way. Black women don’t tolerate the mess most black men do, and that’s why these black men see her as “angry”. My advice is that if you get your act together, you will see some of the most supportive and happiest women on the planet.

    • Kudos to you special brothers who are not afraid to look at the real issues and love us as we love you. Then we as black people will rise. Finger pointing has been the downfall for many men of all colors. It’s just when you are a part of the group that is on the bottom of the totem pole (Black women on the bottom and black men just above them), you can’t afford all that in fighting and giving any strength, power and/or money back to the ones on top of us. In a perfect world, no problem. This is not a prefect world.

      • Jacqueline Perry on said:

        Hugleys is a little off the wall.hes made a little money and has forgotten were he has come from the belly of a black woman, what dis honor he has brought to his mom and other black women, mayo is say now I dare he say this about my sisters.shame on you lost black man.

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