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A Brazilian woman is experiencing motherhood much later than usual.

Sixty-one year old Antonia Leticia Rovati Asti gave birth to twins last week. This is the first time Asti has become a mother.

Thanks to her doctor, Dr. Orlando Castro Neto, Asti was able to experience a late-in-life pregnancy. Dr. Neto, an assistant reproduction specialist, was able to fertilize Asti’s ten-year-old frozen embryos with her husband’s sperm. The embryos were left over from a failed in-vitro attempt in 2002.

"The embryos have a validity of 10 years, more or less and they were reaching their end," Neto said. “She said she wanted to use them for a new attempt."

Asti originally came to Dr. Neto in 1992 when she could not get pregnant through natural methods. She also tried to adopt but was rejected because of her age.

The twins named Sofia and Roberto were delivered by Caesarean section at Sao Lucas Hospital in Santos, Brazil.

Now that Asti has achieved a successful conception, pregnancy, and birth, her and her husband are looking forward to raising their cherished newborns.

"I will love these children very much and work hard to put food in their mouths," her husband said.

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