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WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a longtime Republican, is sticking with President Barack Obama in this year's election.

He tells "CBS This Morning" he respects Mitt Romney but thinks he's been vague on many issues.

Speaking of Obama, Powell said the president got the United States out of Iraq and has laid out a plan for leaving Afghanistan "and didn't get us into any new wars."

He praises Obama's economic performance, saying that while difficult choices are ahead on taxes, spending and budgetary policies, "steadily, I think we've begun to come out of the dive and we're gaining attitude." Powell, a retired general, also formerly was a White House chief of staff and chairman of the military's Joint Chief of Staffs.

Powell says that he's still a Republican.

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41 thoughts on “Powell Standing by Obama in 2012 Presidential Race

  1. no we cant call you racist ,ignorant?, misinformed not listening .and yes he is president of the United States .and as you noticed Colon told what an astute man he is if you had been listening .he didnt leave it up to someone like you to use your lack of knowledge to question his selection he explained. but we know that when slaves planned to escape there was one of you to go tell. juust my thought

  2. cindycruz on said:

    Here is the truth. Everybody wants to keep gorging themselves off money from China… but Nobody wants to pay for more taxes.
    The only way we keep from imploding under this debt bubble, is by raising taxes on everyone while drastically cutting spending. Niether romney or President Obama will make that happen.
    The question for you is this. What are you going to do when that government check you get bounces and is worthless?

  3. kailynn1984 on said:

    Cindy Cruz
    You have picked your poison and obviously there is no hope for you……I hope you are in the 1% because if not and Romney wins your ass is grass just like mine. We will be carrying a bigger tax burden while the wealthy will once again get wealthier, while millions of dollars are taken away from pell grants that help those less fortunate to continue their education, and the Affordable Care Act is repealed and millions will once again be without health insurance, or you as a woman lose your voice in what happens with your body and your okay with that scenario…..I must say my prayers are with you because you need them.

  4. cindycruz on said:

    In regards to romney or President Obama…Here is how I would put it: Which is better:
    1. Driving off a cliff going 120 MPH or
    2. Driving off a cliff going 110 MPH?
    Right now there is not much difference between the two.
    There are only a few exits left before the cliff. Will President Obama take an exit to save this natyion(Doubtful) will romney(Slightly better than doubtful)
    Pick your poison

  5. cindycruz on said:

    Good points …. but do you realize President Obama has been George Bush on Steroids. The stimulus was NOT used for long range projects… virtually none of it!
    There is going to be a rude awakening when the check comes to pay for all the Bills.. the party has been fun, but it will come to an end. No nation in the history of the world has EVER come back from this amount of debt EVER! read your history books and see what has happened to EVERY nation has taken the same course as we have for the past 12 years.

  6. cindycruz on said:

    I know you would like to change the subject, but this nation is 6 Trillion dollars more in the hole with NOTHING to show for it. The economy is not any better and in fact is sliding back into a recession.
    The examples you gave have done NOTHING to improve the Economy it has only delayed and prolonged the inevitable. Once China pulls away the punch bowl all that will be left is a Nation with a massive hangover.

  7. kailynn1984 on said:

    Cindy Cruz
    What makes you think that a Romney administration would put this country back on track. If you look at his tenure in Mass. he basically turned that state upside down and now a democratic governor has to clean his mess up. I work in social services and the majority of people I see are in better positions becasue there is more opportunities for them. I had one single mother who lost her job and we encouraged her to go back to school and we helped her secure a part time job 18 months later she alomst has an associate degree in Business administration and is so excited about the opportunities that await her once she graduates. People like you gave Bush 8 years to put us in theis mess and now you think the POTUS has had enough time to clean it up. I pity you and those that think like you because you are so narrowed mind that you can’t see the big picture. POTUS took the smart way in using a stimulus he invested in long term projects that will pay off he didnt send everyone a check like Bush did. What help did that do it only added to the deficit. Sometimes it’s best that you research before you actually make or past judgement.

  8. cindycruz on said:

    No the loans were not repaid! If the stock was sold today the American public would suffer a loss of over 35 Billion. This does not include the 15 Billion lost by the GM and Chrysler Bond holders who got shafted by the Government. If this is what you call success …. then God help us.

  9. cindycruz on said:

    If you want to see how “Detriot” was saved go to a local car rental place. The lot is filled up with Malibus, Cruzes, 200M’s and 300Ms’ because GM and Chrysler cant sell them to the buying public and they have to deeply discount them to the car rental companies. Moreover, the car rental customers will take the American made Kias and Hyundais before they will a GM or Chrysler product.. The GM’s and Cryslers are the last cars left on the lot. In regards to retail, the American buying public prefers American made cars from Honda,Nissan,Toyota,Ford, Mercedes , Kia and Hyundia. (YES MADE IN AMERICA CARS !!! )

  10. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Newsflash….Detroit is up and running. In fact, I believe most if not all of the loan has been paid back already to the Federal Govt. Hey, here’s a subject you can talk about…who’s the real diva…Mariah Carey or Nikki Manaj? Discuss amongst yourself.

  11. BIGblacknigg on said:

    cindy: this is my final comment to you…Stacy Dash received backlash not so much for her support of Romney, it was the way it was done! If anyone was looking for admiration, it appears your Ms. Dash was in dire need of attention (posing in a bathing suit?), an out-of-work actress whose major body (pardon the pun) of work was over 10 years ago suddenly gets into the national limelight by proclaiming her support for Romney? You fall for that? I’m willing to be my home, Ms. Dash will be pressing the button for Obama on Nov 6th with a smile on her face for all the undeserved “adulation” she received by deceiving people like you she actually supported Romney. If nothing else, it got her an additional 15 minutes of fame.

  12. cindycruz on said:

    What makes you think “Detroit” was saved? It was only temporarily propped up with borrowed money from China. The fundamental issues with both GM and Chrysler have not been fixed which includes a severly poor and inferior product combinded with VERY high legacy costs. Both of those companies need major restructuring or they are doomed to the dust bin of history.

  13. FTSMITH on said:

    Dubya took a surplus and put us in the red. He caused us to be in 2 wars that ruined the moral of our military, created under his watch tax-cuts for the 1%, made Big Business happy by sending jobs overseas and most of the ‘haters’ of President Obama, had the nerve to say that Dubya “protected our country from terrorism”, when in fact, he let the September 11, 2001 attacks happen and used that to control the country with ‘fear and scare tactics.Political commentators said that it would take 10-12 years to straighten out what was done during the Bush/Cheney era. MY President has been in the Oval Office for only 4 years and he has a majority of ‘haters’ in Congress, that does not want him to help our country.

  14. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Cindy: Detroit is “pork barrell” spending? Saving an auto industry which would have had devastating effects not only on Detroit but around the world is “pork barrell?” Helping people to lower their mortgage rates so they can keep a roof over their heads is “pork barrell?” ensuring americans with pre-existing medical issues they would not be denied while at the same time holding insurance companies accountable for their spending is “pork barrell?” As for Gen. Powell (this is getting tired), so what if he wants admiration (he earned it long before Obama came into office anyway). How could support of Romney bring condemnation? He’s already a Republican, he could have simply remained silent on who he was supporting, for all we know, Condi Rice maybe supporting Obama too (she’s a republican). There are quite a few famous blacks who are registered republicans….are they receiving condemnation? In fact if you check your history, historically speaking AA’s for many years were loyal republicans (the party of Lincoln).

  15. cindycruz on said:

    Check your reading comprehension in regards to my comments on the 6 trillion that was spent…. I stated:
    “The 6 trillion is gone! None of it was an investment! It went into pork barrell spending…. nothing more than an orgy of drinking… ALL we have left is debt and a horrible hangover!”
    And yes… Colin Powell has stated on numerous occasions that adoration in his final years means more to him now… supporting romney wil bring him condemnation… he does not want that. As I stated look what happened to Stacy Dash when she came out in support of romney. I am sorry but you are the one who has slept through the past few years

  16. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Cindycruz: I couldn’t help but noticed you used the word “orgy” in your last commentary…maybe that’s your problem, you need to find a way to release some built up tension and frustration.

  17. BIGblacknigg on said:

    cindycruz: Wake up and go back to sleep Please! How can you even fathom in your brain to say “forget his 30 years of service” It’s people like Gen. Powell who make it possible for people like you come on msg boards and make asinine statements. Even if he made the comments of “wanting to be adored” which Gen. Powell has always had the admiration of not only the USA but around the world. A man who honorably served his country in the Armed Forces, as Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and then as Secretary of State needs very little to motivate them. WOW! How can the 6 trillion be gone when it’s apart of the NATIONAL DEBT? OMG, I can’t believe I’m actually dignifying your commentary by responding!

  18. cindycruz on said:

    The 6 trillion is gone! None of it was an investment! It went into pork barrell spending…. nothing more than an orgy of drinking… ALL we have left is debt and a horrible hangover!

  19. cindycruz on said:

    Colin Powell has intimated numerous times that he would rather be adored at this point in his life. Forget his 30 years of service… thats what made him but not what motivates him now.

  20. Mother on said:

    Let’s not forget what he inherited. Where were you when George W. Bush was in office? Where were your disparaging comments?

  21. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Kailynn1984. Your point is well taken and truthfully, Mr. “Hoodtechiee” is entitled to his opinion. You, me and anyone else is entitled to counter that opinion which doesn’t make him anymore wrong than it makes you or I right. It’s just a counter-point. Mr. Hoodtech has done what many in the conservative party does…make stinging accusations with smoke and mirrors while evading to answer the question posed to them…didn’t you learn that by watching their “top dog” do that during the debates?

  22. kailynn1984 on said:

    I have a few things that I would like to share with you Hoodtechiee.
    First of all POTUS has done everything he said he would do. No other president has been able to pass healthcare reform but he did it. In my opinion if the Republicans had any clue what the meaning of Bipartisan is he would have accomplished more in his first term. If you do not make enough money to put you in the 1% category you have benefited from POTUS’s policies whether it be a tax break or receiving a mortgage with a low APR. Why in the hell would anyone not just African Americans anyone with common sense vote for man who changes his story and beliefs everyday. Read and listen at the people of Illinois and Massachusetts who say that they are in dire staits because of his policies. He left Mass. with a deficit as most Republicans do, he cut educational funding and wanted to take credit for educational policies that were in place before he took office. Have you not seen the people in Ill. protesting for thier jobs becuase the company he founded and still holds a stake in is planning on shipping their jobs overseas. POTUS is doing everything humanly possible to help the middle class like me and those that are less fortunate. So if you would stop standing in his way like the Republicans he can finish cleaning up the mess that the Bush Administration left us in…….OBAMA 2012

  23. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Ok, now I now you’re not really an AA…You misspelled Michael Baisden and Tom Joyner’s last names…C’mon “bro” what are you, some wanna be down white guy who got his heart broke by a fine azz sista and now it’s payback and retribution on the AA community? Yeahhhhhh, that’s it!

  24. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Hey Hoodtechiee, I’m hearing alot of anger and self-loathing coming from your commentary. Maybe the problem isn’t so much the black community as it is with YOU! You’ve done nothing but chided the AA community as if we’re a monolithic race. If you’re truly an AA, you would know that (1) the majority of us are like most everyday americans, we work, pay our taxes, want better schools for our children and truth be told, the overall majoirity of us don’t rob, steal or kill for a living, but you, you seem hell bent on linking all AA’s as beggers and leeches (you watch FOX News don’t you?)

  25. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Hoodtechiee: You’re too easy, in fact you’re not even challenging…What does Gen. Colin Powell “working for Bush” have to do with this? Regardless of who he “worked” for or his political affiliation, it does not take away what he did for this country as a US Servicemember (did you serve sir?) I respect Col. Powell not for being black, republican or “working” for GW, his military accomplishment should be respected because it is what it is! I respect Condi Rice as well for her political and educational achievements and for her service to this country while also “working” for GW. While we’re on the subject, GW chose both Gen Powell and Ms. Rice because they were far and away the best candidates for those positions. Even GW said Condi Rice was one of the smartest people he’s ever known…then again, for him Snooki is probably one of the smartest people he’s ever known.

  26. hoodtechiee on said:

    I wonder if these same bloggers felt the same way about powell when he worked for bush as a republican. as I said before 99% of aa do not read for themselves, they only get their information from talking points ie,al sharpton,jesse,mike blaisden,tom joiner.they are all step and fetch it negroes who refuse to tell black people the truth in how obama is destroying this country with his socialism. Most people who agree with his views come pre packaged as democrats and refuse to see things from a different perspective. This is why the AA community is last in everything good for a community and 1st for anything detrimental for a community, the truth hurts. When you don’t agree with their views they resort to juvenile name calling such as sell out or uncle tom. I think for intelligent blacks it’s time to realize that most of our brothers /sisters choose to remain on the democratic plantation and that the rest of us should move on, they are the lost ones who will be at the beck and call of the government for survival.

  27. africanwarrior on said:

    The Great Colin Powell is well respected all over The world by world leaders .military leaders.
    Gen Powell doesn’t need approval or acceptance, he already is one of the most admired people in the world, not just in America.

  28. BIGblacknigg on said:

    CindyCruz: You just lost all your credibility. Gen Powell led this country through the Gulf War; served his country for nearly 30 years (if not more) and you’re going to compare this soldiers fortitude to Stacy Dash? Please, Please, Please go back to sleep, you are obviously suffering from sleep deprivation!

  29. africanwarrior on said:

    Hi please lgnore this guy , he is insignificant. We need to re-elect Obama, this guy is trying to throw us of our game . Concentrate on the positive ignore fools

  30. BIGblacknigg on said:

    cindycruz: think of an investment (Mr. Romney is a businessman). If you know anything about business investments; you are required in many instances to put in lots of capital (money)…it may take 3,4,5 years or more before you begin to see a return on that investment (make a profit). To say that the 6 trillion is ALREADY a failure when the President has even completed his first 4 year term is somewhat premature. You honestly think it didn’t work? go ask the people of Detroit and many of them will tell you it did, are there going to be failures (collateral damage) of course, but let’s not be so quick to say “well, you had your 4 years and nothings changed (false). The truth is, we haven’t begun to see the full results.

  31. africanwarrior on said:

    Colin Powell one of the 4 Greatest Generals America has ever produced .
    A real American Hero, a man of substance and integrity.

  32. cindycruz on said:

    The main reason Powell is supporting our President is because… He values acceptance above all else. He saw what happened when Stacy Dash comes out in support of the other candidate. I do not believe he has the fortitude to go through what Stacy did.

  33. BIGblacknigg on said:

    negative sir, I have two (2) Bachelor’s Degrees, working on my Master’s; retired from the US Navy in 1994, married with two (2) children. Never been arrested, no criminal record and holds a job with a state agency (pays my taxes) but ouch, do I hate it. It’s just that it’s a proven fact that most people tune out a conversation within 3-5 minutes and something tells me you would go waaaay beyond that. But instead of attacking me, how about keeping it to the topic at hand and responding to my questions? As for the “parasite who plagues our communities” who made you the national spokesperson for the AA community?

  34. cindycruz on said:

    You do realize that spending 6 trillion did not work and we are worse off because of it. In fact, spending and borrowing money you do not have has NEVER worked… only bankrupted.
    We should have done what our neighbors to the North did: Cut taxes, cut spending and give way to free enterprise….. They are booming in Canada and the value of their money far exceeds the Dollar.

  35. hoodtechiee on said:

    Blogger BIGblacknigg has proven my theory correct. You can’t change the mind of a true idiot. This blogger is upset because they can’t read proficiently enough to comprehend a statement longer than 3 minutes. This is the type of person that is willing to put on blinders as long as the gov’t is giving out something for free. This blogger sounds like welfare, food stamp section 8 lazy leech unwilling to try and make it on their own. This is the parasite that plagues our communities.

  36. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Hoodtechiee: If blacks are “programmed” to vote democratic; what do you say to those poor whites (most of whom live in the south) who vote overwhelmingly republican but yet, can barely live paycheck to paycheck to survive (might I add, most southern states are ran by REPUBLICAN governors). What has the republican party done for poor whites lately?

  37. BIGblacknigg on said:

    Hoodtechiee: STFU…If It takes more than 3 minutes to read your commentary, you’re saying too much or in the words of James Brown you’re “Talking Loud and Saying Nothing.” President Obama added 6 trillion to the national debt because in order to get the economy going, you MUST put money into it (i.e. It takes money to make money). Where were you for those 8 years when that village idiot from TexASS was running this country into the ground with his senseless wars and attacks on the middle class?

  38. hoodtechiee on said:

    As a black man I think this should be of no surprise to anyone. The black community really doesn’t understand the type of damage obama has and will continue to bring to this country. Since I’m black other blacks cannot label me a racist for the following comments.99% of the blacks in my family, neighborhood and community do not understand what a 16 trillion dollar will do to their lives and their children’s lives. Many don’t understand what a depleted military in this country will do. Many don’t understand how even if you took all the money from the richest people in this country how it won’t make a difference in taking on the federal deficit issue. Many of them don’t understand the looming fiscal cliff, Medicaid/medicare and social security issues none of which were addressed under this administrations watch. What most do understand are the extended unemployment benefits, free cell phones (250 mins a month, please), more food stamps and of course the illusion of free health care as promised by this president. not one liberal supposedly black leader(al sharpton,jesse,cbc,sclc,etc..) has asked the president how these programs will be maintained or paid for.obama has consistently stated that because Romney is rich he doesn’t qualify to be president yet he himself is worth millions does that exclude him also? He claims that Romney doesn’t understand the common person and that he represents and understands the black community, yet he wouldn’t make time to show up for a naacp forum, but instead sends binden, talk about disrespect. no my friends 97% of the black community will overlook all of these points and as sad as it is for met to say will vote for obama because he is black.yeah I said it and it is the truth, no matter how bad their lives have become over the last 4 yrs they will ignore the facts presented and vote for the brother. We have been so programmed that we will vote democrat even though this presidents has no clear vision or remedy to try and repair this country he has taken part in destroying, it is what it is. This president is in over his head, it’s just the media and our black politicians are afraid to say it. I guess in the end I will be labeled an uncle tom but the truth hurts in the black community just ask bill cosby,clarence thomas and any other black conservative trying to shed light.

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