A Winnsboro, Louisiana woman who initially told authorities she was set afire by three men wearing hoodies, actually burned herself and also smeared racial slurs on her vehicle, law enforcement officials told BlackAmericaweb.com.

Sharmeka Moffitt, a 20-year-old woman, remains in critical condition in LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, authorities said. On Monday, her mother, Edna Moffitt, told local television reporters that her daughter was burned on 60 percent of her body.

“Initial findings from the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab do not support Miss Moffitt’s claim that she was attacked by three males,” said Lt. Julie Lewis of the Louisiana State Police. “About 60 percent of the evidence has been examined. Both fingerprint evidence and DNA evidence collected do not support the claim. The investigation is ongoing,” Lewis told BlackAmericaweb.com.

Authorities told  Moffitt’s family of the findings before making a public statement in a press conference this afternoon in Winnsboro. Moffitt’s father is also the family’s pastor and was with the family when they were told of the investigation results thus far.

Investigators say at this time they do not know what may have motivated Moffitt to inflict this type of injury on herself. “They are unable to interview her at this time because of her condition,” Lewis told BlackAmericaweb.com.

Authorities said the woman called 911 on Sunday night saying that three men had set her afire. News of the alleged incident went viral on the internet, and many immediately labeled it a hate crime.

The NAACP on Tuesday called for a full investigation, hours before local and state police held a press conference to release the latest information.

In an interview earlier in the day, Winnsboro Police Chief Lester Thomas told BlackAmericaweb.com “no witnesses have come forward and no reward has been offered in this case at this time.”

He said it was a joint investigation involving the state police and the Federal Bureau of investigation.

The NAACP had called for a thorough investigation into the matter and released a statement on Tuesday saying:  "The NAACP offers our prayers to Ms. Moffitt and her family in their time of crisis. Initial reports of racial animus in the incident are disturbing. We will remain vigilant as we urge authorities to conduct a full investigation into this crime. We encourage anyone with information on the incident to immediately report possible leads to authorities."

Louisiana State Sen. Rick Gallot had also encouraged a thorough investigation, but cautioned observers not to rush to judgment.


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20 thoughts on “UPDATE: Woman Set Self Afire

  1. I could be wrong but I don’t believe this young lady burnt herself. This Louisana and they are trying to drive back to the John Lynch days. Well not happen. Why would she hate being black? and

  2. I could be wrong but I don’t believe this young lady burnt herself. This Louisana and they are trying to drive back to the John Lynch days. Well not happen. Why would she hate being black? and

  3. blackpower3 on said:

    @ tricky239 I was thinking the same thing. She is still in critical condition so how do they know she did this to herself. Also like you said why?

  4. MontanaHeav on said:

    People like this don’t give warnings. They hold to the hate until the day they die – which is a truly sorry. They waste their lives hating when they could be living a life of happiness. If this was the KKK, I’m not surprised. Especially in very small towns, these people have nothing else to do but sit around and plot against their neighbors, who they are undoubtedly jealous of a lot of people. These are the kinds of people who sorrowful souls should be set in tar for the world to see.

  5. aburks005 on said:

    Better to reserve judgement till the young lady is able to give comment..this situation, which is in its infantcy, has the potential to explode into something that will affect everyone aware of this tragic incident..lets pray for thorough investigation,and the speedy recovery of this person and her family.And let us not forget her child,who will also be scared for life from this truly life altering event..pray for “all” people..pray for “all”….

  6. tornadobuster on said:

    Anyone who believes this is crazy. This woman is burned over 60% of her body and is in critical condition. We all know that burns hurt like hell if you have ever burned yourself while cooking so why would she choose to burn herself? They haven’t done any kind of real investigation but are making this kind of announcement with nothing to back up what they have said. Then to say that DNA and fingerprint evidence has proven differently. If they wore gloves there would be no fingerprints and she said she was dashed with a fluid and set on fire. They are going to find her fingerprints everywhere because it’s her car. I will never believe this until she admits it or some major evidence proves differently.

  7. dbell93 on said:

    Hey, I just realized that the authorities have not even talked to the woman. No one has PROVED that she did it herself. I guess, as usual, the Repubs don’t care about the Proof. They just want the rhetoric to last long enough for them to highjack an election. These Repubs are not above any dirty, low down treat or game they can come up with. The fact is that a lot of you, not just poor, Sarah Palin, The Donald, alike, are capable and do such sub-human acts and think it’s okay.

  8. dbell93 on said:

    If you call the hate crimes whites do like discrimination, which does not allow people to live as whole individuals a non-violent crime, you could be right. Being a part of denying whole families of the ability to obtain decent food, shelter and jobs, I am sure the numbers are way up their for Whites. Maybe if you stopped some of that, the violent crimes, which usually come in the way of “that’s what I do for a living” would level off. Not making an excuse, just an realtime obsevation. Truthfully, when it comes to whites committing out and out evil acts just because of the color of a person’s skin, we don’t have anything on you devils.

  9. rhemasplace on said:

    What does the crime report from the DOJ have to do with this story…apparently she committed this horrible act against herself…and where did you get your info…the 2011 UCR crime report is preliminary…which means that it has not been fully published…and according to the 2010 report for hate crimes:
    70.0 percent were victims of an offenderโ€™s anti-black bias.
    17.7 percent were victims of an anti-white bias.
    5.1 percent were victims of an anti-Asian/Pacific Islander bias.
    1.2 percent were victims of an anti-American Indian/Alaskan Native bias.
    6.0 percent were victims of a bias against a group of individuals in which more than one race was represented (anti-multiple races, group).

    So, your comment was pointless as well as useless…as always…you are a hateful, miserable, vitriolic person who tries to spread it!!! But if you can show proof of your claim, I will gladly look at it!

  10. Nubian 61 on said:


  11. tricky239 on said:

    Smell like some bs to me. She aint confessed to anything yet. Just seems strange to me why a sane person would do all this to themself. No history of mental illness or no mention of it.

  12. Missy Linda on said:

    This is a very difficult situation; one that “may” have had missed warning signs. Too early to know what was happening with her. Prayers to the woman and her family.

  13. cindycruz on said:

    The DOJ came out recently with their crime reports. A white or Latino has a 38x greater chance of having a violent crime committed against them by a black than the other way around. The update on this woman’s story does not surprise me.

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