Dear Tom,

My mother has been single parent for most of my life. After my parents were divorced, she did whatever was necessary to provide for my brother and I – and she did it entirely on her own.

She knew that a good education was the key to success. So once we were in middle school, our family of three moved from Dallas, Texas to Columbia, South Carolina and she went back to school – completing her Bachelor’s Degree in just one year!

But that wasn’t enough – She quickly enrolled into a graduate program for a Master’s Degree in Community Education and she kept on going. This past weekend, on October 13th, I flew to Ohio to witness my mother get hooded on stage when she received her Ph.D.

Her accomplishments made college a reality for all of us — I now have a master’s in Education Technology and my brother has a Bachelor's in English. There is nothing that can match the pride we felt in knowing that we had fulfilled the dream of our mother for us.

I am writing you to ask that you would help me celebrate my mother and her accomplishments. She has some time off coming up in December and she has always dreamed of going to Hawaii. So, if you can get her there – I’m sure she can handle the rest.

Thank you,

Randi Johnson


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