Cissy Houston is really afraid that her granddaughter, Bobbi Kristina, will go down the same path as her mother, Whitney Houston, and end up dead from drugs. This reportedly why Houston wants to withhold Bobbi’s multi-million-dollar inheritance, sources tell TMZ.

Sources say Houston feels Bobbi is currently surrounded by numerous negative influences — including her boyfriend Nick Gordon and father Bobby Brown — who will drain Bobbi’s fortune given the chance.

Sources add that the grandmother also feels 19-year-old Bobbi is still extremely impressionable right now — and if left unchecked with millions of dollars, Bobbi could end up on the wrong path.

According to sources, Cissy wants to wait until Bobbi has matured significantly more before she gets her money, an estate estimated at $20 million. The family matriarch insists that she is tryign to protect her family, not keep the money to herself.

As we reported, Cissy and Whitney’s sister-in-law Pat Houston filed a request this week to modify Whitney’s will in order to change the distribution schedule of the estate.


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4 thoughts on “Cissy Houston Wants Bobbi Kristina’s Inheritance Put on Hold

  1. RENO2AC on said:

    If Cissy and/or Pat are the executrices of Whitney’s estate, then they have every right to ask to have the distribution scheduled changed as the “overseers” of the estate. Bobbi K has already proven to be irresponsible, so this is a smart move on their behalf.

  2. SirHandsome1 on said:

    Cissy has every right to do this. She is protecting this young impressionable person until she is ready for the world. Bobbi needs to take her azz to college somewhere and get an education. She has enough money that she does not need to worry about a career right now.

  3. vernitahart on said:

    Sirhandsome1 I totally agree with you. Cissy is her grandmother is only looking out for her grand daughter. She does not want a repeat with what happened to her daughter. Too many leeches hanging around her waiting on her to get the cash! Good job Cissy, I hope the courts see it your way. Or at least sign a co signer or someone over the money with her where she can’t get it without their approval.

  4. ronjula on said:

    cissy, it’s not your money nor is it pat’s money. regardless what bobbi does with it. go somewhere and sit down.after all you let whitney go off with people when she was a very child,and you didn’t do anything of helping her with her problems. life goes on.

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