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Dear Tom,

My mom put her life on hold after my youngest sister was born. My dad left us and she had to drop out of college to begin raising 3 girls and a boy on her own.

We didn’t have our wants but we most certainly had all of our needs met. After work, she would pick us up from our activities then stand over a stove preparing a home cooked meal while we did our homework.

Getting an education is mandatory – so mandatory that she went back to college. This past May, she graduated with a degree in MIS.

She is currently supporting all her girls in college, and our brother is only a year from joining us. How does she do it?  She finds minority scholarships that students neglect applying for and she sends us the details. In fact, there are so many that she started a Scholarship E-Mail List for other students to apply…and they do.

She also started a Coupon Clipping Club for college students. Other students used to make fun of us but last month, we saved $900! Now they want to join our club!

My mom’s birthday was October 2nd but she had to spend it in bed. She recently underwent a major surgery and her recovery time is 6 to 8 weeks. She laughs it off and says that always said she wanted some time off – but for a vacation, not like this.

We love you mom


Submitted by all her children