Levar Burton is speaking out about Romney’s attack on the Public Broadcasting Service.

The former Reading Rainbow host told reporters that the Republican presidential candidate would be taking away a valuable education resource for children if he cut funding to PBS.

"I am personally outraged that any serious contender for the White House would target as part of his campaign the children of America in this fashion," Burton said.

"Educators across the country, as well as millions of children and adults know that the programming on PBS has been responsible for significant improvements in education, literacy, math, science and life skills for generations of our children."

During Wednesday’s presidential debate, Romney stated he would cut funding for PBS believing that it is not an essential federal program.

Burton quickly came to the defense of his former network.

"Defunding PBS directly punishes the less fortunate by removing this trusted and extraordinary educational resource available to all,” Burton commented. "On behalf of America's children, I can't stay silent. I encourage you to join me in fighting this short-sighted and frankly mean-spirited attack on our children."

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12 thoughts on “Levar Burton Outraged over Romney’s PBS Bashing

  1. loycetate on said:

    What I want to know is why there is not a public outcry about the use of Mitt Romney’s “your poor” that was the most insulting mistake that I think the Democrats and anyone in America should have noticed. Who is “your poor” but a racist remark about the middle class group of people in the United States if you are a multimillionaire. Please America someone put this on blast and hold Romney to the task or defining who the “your poor” that the state is to figure out how they are going to insure and take care of that the Republicans are going to disenfranchise. Please vote OBAMA 2012

  2. blackmagic on said:

    It’s time to get battle tested…..The uncivilized Zionist tired of the rhetoric….Front and center NOI……Get this party started and leave Toby behind.

  3. post-it on said:

    What is the Republican plan and why should I vote republican? The comment of not caring for 47% of people, stopped me in my tracks. I will not vote for any one who don’t care about another person; Black, white purple or green!! And that’s, whether I know about Republicans, Democrats or politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. gwanedm on said:

    Do you even know the Republican plan is or do you just get that info from Democrats? you just sound so under informed its pathetic. Do your own research before you choose who to vote for. I bet the only time you pay attention to politics and political issues is when its time to vote!

  5. pac4me on said:

    Why would we be surprised at the kind of programs the Romney team wants to cut. He is so out of touch with the people who don’t fit into his “middle class” definition. Our only means of defense is to show him on November 6th that we are standing behind the POTUS. I wish Pres. Obama would just tell it like it is – we would be so much further ahead if the Republican Party had not aggressively chosen to go against any and everything that he was trying to do for this country – If you’ll remember they publicly announced that their main focus(for the last four years) was to make sure that he didn’t get re-elected. People please get out & VOTE, note to all those who live in Michigan – you must be registered by October 8th to vote this election!!!

  6. YadaYada on said:

    Lets get this straight, to balance the budget Moron Romney wan to Cut fedral funding by getting rid of Planned parenthood, raise taxes on the middle class and get rid of Big Bird, oh lets not for get the 47% of the country he cares nothing about. Its really hard to believe there are people out there who really wants this idiot in office. GET OUT AND VOTE “OBAMA 2012”

  7. msveenie on said:

    The best way to stop Mitt from cutting PBS funding is to VOTE BLUE DOWNTICKET! Kill Mitt’s presidential hopes and give Pres Obama the tools to finish the job! FORWARD!

  8. ladyangel57 on said:

    There will be a lot of children hurting in their education if Mitt gets what he wants; those programs on PBS helps children who are struggling in school. The one that are scare to speak up when they don’t understand something the teacher is saying because of classroom noise, those children are able to get it with the help of the PBS programs. We all need to be concern when you have a nut like this running for a powerful position like the Presidency. blackmagic is the wolf in sheep clothing he should be whitemagic trying to lull people into believing the devil don’t exist. Get off this site with your poison, take your lying to those that would like to believe you liar!!!

  9. LeVar Burton is right to be upset about cuts to PBS!! Romney and his cronies are some dirty white bastards, and when they say they’re planning to cut education, they mean it. Starting from the foundation, they will take away children’s educational programs. Our children won’t be able to afford to attend colleges, nor will we; he thinks we can all ask our dad for a loan. Know why his corporations are overseas? because he’s all about that cheap labor, and huge kickbacks. Romney wants to get rid of teachers, and that’s what the majority of republicans want. Basically, anyone voting for Mitt “the snake” Romney, better not be in the 47% because when he’s finished, they may end up living in a cardboard box, unless of course, they can ask your dad for a loan.

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