The huge Calabasas, Calif. mansion once used by the late Eazy-E to throw wild, all-night parties was foreclosed on earlier this year because his widow allegedly stopped making payments, reports TMZ.

The property saw much action back in the early 90s as the rapper’s go-to party spot for entourage members and women, according to the website.

The 6,700 square-foot home reportedly even had a black room with fluorescent pillows and a neon sign that read “Eazy’s Playhouse.”

When the N.W.A rapper died in 1995, the house was passed on to his wife Tomica Wright. But according to official records, which just became available, she fell behind on the mortgage payments in 2011, reportedly owing $168,278.78.

Unable to make good on the payments, the 5-bedroom, 6-bath house was sold at a foreclosure auction in May for $2.2 million.


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8 thoughts on “Eazy-E’s Mansion Foreclosed On

  1. vernitahart on said:

    I totally agree. The money she spent on her daughter’s birthday party was just too much. She could have paid cash for her and her children a place to live and invest the money. Some people never learn until it too late and they are too broke to pay attention.

    • That was his bm that had money to throw Erin the party… Tamika his wife squandered all his money and fucked over Bone Thugs N Harmony and others. She was in it for the money from the get go… That was not Erin’s mom that he married. The one on tv yall saw and his wife resemble alot.

  2. ladeluver on said:

    I also agrre with Jaxa “A fool and their money will soon be parted”. People not taking care of their business when they are fortunate to make Hundreds of thousands, millions. is just stupid. Get a trustworthy financial advisor and then stay on top of your own money!!

  3. loycetate on said:

    I agree with Jaxa too much living for the moment! Maintaining a lifestyle but I think it is easier said than done. They probably took out second mortgages just like most people did which is why they are upside down in their mortgages but the question I had as is whether or not she got the difference in what it sold for and what was owed foreclosed or not she should be due the profit on the note or debt it doesn’t become a windfall for the bank necessarily. Education unfortunately is becoming overrated and I have a Master so I am for educating oneself on what you need to be successful, what I am not for are the loans and the governments forcing parents to pay loans 60 or 90 days after their children recieve the loans now that is highway robbery. The parent plus loans are ridiculous! Make sure the loan has an identifiable payoff! Trades that can lead to entreprenuers using those skills for your own company and not to run Mr. Charlie’s store but Your store. Small businesses are the future which only takes a dream and determination to succeed! OBAMA 2012

  4. DancyGirl on said:

    Dang shame. When we as a people, make money, we need to start investing, and putting that money for good uses. Not outlandish purposes and purchases.

  5. BigBlackW on said:

    Eazy E died from AIDS at age 31 and had seven baby mamas.
    NOBODY cares about Eazy E or his playhouse mansion………………………

  6. Of course she stopped making payments… she was obviously not business savvy because the right thing to do would have been putting the mansion on the market shortly after receiving it. Then use the proceeds to buy a small property and enjoy a comfortable life. Unfortunately, people like her get a little money and think it’s gonna last forever, not taking into account how much it takes to maintain that lifestyle. And they never use the money to get educated, they just continue living the same lifestyle, until they get kicked out with nothing. That sweet sixteen party for her daughter was over-the-top! An example of how she was spending money like it was gonna last forever and that was a lot of money, wasted! Just goes to show you can take them out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of them.

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