He may not have been a winner on “American Idol” but Michael Lynche is still a champion in the eyes of the fans he gained on Season 9 of the singing competition show. The talented vocalist is not only celebrating his new self-titled debut, he’s also celebrating losing 90 pounds since his “Idol” run. The married father of two, known as “Big Mike” decided to lose the weight not just for his career, but for personal reasons as well.

“I wanted to be more active and mobile for the long term,” he told Essence.com. “I also love having something to focus on and be disciplined about. I think that adds to whatever you’re doing. So that was part of it, and then it was also just time to do something because I have these goals. I would love to run the New York City marathon next year. I recently ran my first 5k and it’s just kind of a hobby of mine, something else to focus on other than music.”

Lynche said he runs and works out six days a week, eating just 1,000 calories a day. Despite the diet self-denial, he doesn’t hold back on his new CD. He wrote 12 of the CD’s thirteen songs, which he says were inspired by love. His version of “This Women’s Work” is included, a song originally done by alt-rock singer Kate Bush that was one of the highlights of his “American Idol” run. It may be that performance that helped him get a rare judge’s save and end up finishing fourth in the competition.

“The record itself, in its entirety deals with my ideas and thoughts on love and just where I am right now,” Lynche told The Huffington Post.  “And the whole spectrum of love. From breakups to being head over heels, crazy, die for you type of love, to taking your woman and laying it down and spending that nice wholesome sexy time with her. The record is all about love.”

Watch and album promo “Who’s Gonna Love You More” here.

“Michael Lynche” Track listing:

1. Crazy Gina

2. Intoxicated

3. Who’s Gonna Love You More

4. Speechless

5. Love is You

6. Fragile

7. Lovers Symphony

8. Sex

9. This Woman’s Work

10. Baby Boo

11. Today

12. Somebody Save Me

13. Unstoppable

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