This is Chris Paul from the TJMS running through the top stories in roughly sixty seconds with The Morning Minute.  

It turns out that some of these NFL replacement refs were actually fired from the lingerie football league for terrible officiating.  But in the their defense it must be hard to concentrate on false starts and first downs when the players are all fine women wearing bras and thongs.  Shoot, if I was reffing the lingerie football league I might have to call a holding penalty on myself, and I’m giving all these women a 15 yard penalty for ass interference.

Socialite has been Paris Hilton is still apologizing after being caught on tape saying that gay men are disgusting.  No Paris, what’s disgusting is that you have the body of a gay man.

According to the National Pig Association by this time next year we could be facing a worldwide shortage on bacon.  OH MY GOD!  No bacon is going to have every black person singing; “I miss you.  I’m talking to you, bacon.  I miss you.

I’m Chris Paul and this was The Morning Minute.


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