On Tuesday, Americans across the country are hitting the streets to fill the polls in observance of National Voter Registration Day.

Civic groups are encouraging citizens to go to their local election offices to ensure they are registered and prepared to vote on November 6.  They are hoping citizens will register before the October 6 deadline.

Voter registration efforts have gained momentum among civil rights organizations in light of threatening voter identification laws. They believe the changes in voter ID policies can keep up to ten million African Americans and Latinos from voting during the 2012 election. 

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court recently sent a challenging voter ID law back to a lower court saying they will have to evaluate if there is enough time for citizens to retrieve the proper paperwork in order to vote. Political and civil rights officials are outraged by Pennsylvania’s objection to the law. They believe it may prevent a tenth of Pennsylvanians, such as African Americans, elderly citizens, and college students from voting.

Other states are also determining their stance on voter ID policies.

A federal panel in South Carolina is reviewing the state’s new voter ID law requiring voters to have proper IDs at the polls.

In Ohio, a federal judge has denied efforts to shorten the period for early voting.

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University found that 17 states have adopted new voter ID laws that will likely affect the outcome of this year’s election.

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