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The best way to avoid divorce? Don’t get married. But if you want to find a better way to keep your relationship intact, you might want to check out “Divorce Court” judge Lynn Toler’s new book “Making Marriage Work.” The judge on the longest running court show on television has a front seat to marital problems and her book addresses them, covering everything from infidelity to technology. Aside from work, Toler knows of what she speaks in her personal life, raising two sons and four stepsons with her husband of 22 years, Eric Mumford. The Harvard University and University of Pennsylvania graduate has achieved all of this despite inheriting the bipolar disorder her father suffered from.


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4 thoughts on “Judge Lynn Toler: Yes, I’m Republican

  1. JD Walker on said:

    Really surprised to hear Judge Toler is a Republican…
    Would love to hear her thoughts on Trump and the current state of the GOP.

  2. It would benefit a lot of folks, black, white and whomever, to try and be a little bit more open minded. Political party affiliation is not a single track issue. All republican black folks aren’t self hating, ‘care nothing’ people, any more than all democrat blacks are poverty mentality, welfare collecting folks. Closed mindedness isn’t good from one side or the other.

  3. I’m surprised, too. And I’m pretty certain, having watched her show for years, that she is more in the Colin Powell mode of Republicanism than, say, Clarence Thomas, the latter being a self-hating black person, whose court decisions are harmful to black folks. Judge Toler doesn’t strike me someone who wishes that she were white.

  4. norman hensley on said:

    very surprised to hear that judge toler is a republican.
    I hope she’s a colin powell republican rather than a rush limbaugh or glen beck republican

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