Hip Hop business man and mogul Russell Simmons is calling out Jay-Z for refusing to understand the Occupy Wall Street movement.

In a letter published in Uptown Magazine, Simmons tries to convince the rapper how powerful and influential he can be to the poor if he supported the Occupy movement.

The former Def Jam Records executive explained how he took daily trips to Zuccotti Park, the home-base for Occupy Wall Street to talk to protesters about topics including healthcare reform, a lack of access to affordable higher education, gay rights and immigration reform.

He described how impactful the grass-roots campaign has been in using untraditional methods of organizing and protesting as a united front.

“The months during the height of the beginning of the movement were unlike anything we had seen before in our nation,” Simmons said. “A protest led by no one, but always led by leaders. Organized through social media, yet no organization at the forefront. This was a true people’s campaign.”

One by one, Simmons listed the ways Wall Street has destroyed the democracy and described how that has affected the political landscape. He even explains how the money passed from lobbyists and corporations has been used to influence politicians in regards to legislation.

“It is a sad state that the politicians work for the people who pay them, not for the people who elect them. That is not democracy, he said.”

Simmons even broke things down on how Mitt Romney is largely outspending President Barack Obama in special interest money thanks to his ties to big corporations and large political action committees.

In a final effort to persuade Jay-Z to jump on board, Simmons takes the rapper back to his own roots.

“You’re rich and I’m rich. But, today it’s close to impossible to be you or me and get out of Marcy Projects or Hollis, Queens without changing our government to have our politicians work for the people who elect them and not the special interests and corporations that pay them,” he said.

Will Simmons’ efforts change Jay-Z’s position? Only time and money will tell.

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10 thoughts on “Russell Simmons Reprimands Jay-Z for Occupy Stance

  1. I totally agree with Russell ( “It is a sad state that the politicians work for the people who pay them, not for the people who elect them. That is not democracy”). I just wish more celebrities would take a stance on something other then themselves.

  2. msfineonenhere on said:

    i totally agree with you russell the occupy wallstreet was a great happening but my question where in the he– are they at now back when the weather was cold they were out in huge numbers but since the summer and now that we are 54 days from the election where are they at now plus i think the naacp and the occupy wallstreet people the rappers the celebrities the sports people and entertainers should be out getting people registerd to vote for obama this is my view because i am not ready to go back to the plantation to pick cotton if BITT rommery wins

  3. When are we going to stop begging the European Caucasians for the crumbs off of there table when will there be a unified cry out to have our own nation. AmeriKKKa is doing a free fall into oblivion why should the Blacks, Latino and Native Indians go down with her we need a nation of our own with our own money our own military our own education system our own government we have all of the skills in the Black community to do it occupy wall street is a waste of time for us we need to set up a better system that would destroy the banking system of this greedy, evil and decadent world……..

  4. Both jayz and his selfish wife are so incredibly self-absorbed; ignorant, and delusional. They have to be the center of attention or making a profit, or they’re not coming. Good effort on Simmons part, but a leopard doesn’t change its stripes.

  5. I say congratulations to all big rich black folks.You did what your homeboys and girls thought you could never do.But don’t forget about us because of your riches. Remember we’re all mere mortals regardless,and you won’t need one copper penny where each mortal soul must go.And we must never forget where we came from.Run run,keep on running and tell that…

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