Victor Olisa, a police officer of the Bexley Borough in London, is now the first black and first Nigerian Police Chief Commander in the U.K.  

The father of two lives in Southern England and has followed in his grandfather’s footsteps, who served in Nigeria over twenty years ago. Olisa left Nigeria and began his armed forces career in 1982.

Commander Olisa has worked in the City of London Police as a detective inspector in the Fraud Squad, then was later assigned to the race unit. He began his appointment as the new Commander on April 16, 2012.

The U.K. population that Commander Olisa will serve is roughly 7.2 million. Commander Olisa will address any issues involving race head-on as he governs over the 31,000 police officers in the London Bexley Borough. His territory also includes 13,000 staffers and 3,700 police community support officers as well as support by 2,500 volunteer police cadets and more than 5,000 volunteer police officers from the Metropolitan Special Constabulary and its Employer Supported Policing Programme.

Commander Olisa hopes to build partnerships with the local churches and business of the Bexley Borough to help build a bridge with the community.


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  1. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Iam with you this 50% unemployment among our teenagers$16trillion deficit, and 47 million on food stamps. Gas at $4 gallon tell me this why do gas companies need tax breaks with the record profits they are not only posting but braging about?

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