The mayor of a South Texas town was killed on his ranch by a donkey.

The body of Hollywood Park mayor William "Bill" Bohlke was found Monday about five yards from his truck. Police officials said that he died of an attack from an aggressive 500-pound male donkey.

The 65-year old was retired from the Air Force and was a decorated B-52 pilot and squadron commander in the Vietnam War.

Atascosa County Sheriffs are not surprised about the donkey’s ability to attack.

“They can become very aggressive, very mean, sometimes triggered by a female in heat,” Chief Deputy David Soward told reporters. “We'll probably never know what triggered it, but it was evident that this particular donkey was involved, based on the evidence at the scene and what we saw on this donkey.”

The family posted the following message on the town’s website:

“Bill, your mayor, dearly loved serving you, our community, and we only wish he was here to continue doing so.”

Hollywood Park is located approximately 10 miles north of San Antonio with a population of nearly 3,300.

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One thought on “South Texas Mayor Killed in Donkey Attack

  1. navi12 on said:

    I am sure this story has some significance being on
    However I am more intrigued by what Candance left out such as to what political party, the deceased belonged to. Was the donkey arrested? Does the donkey have a lawyer? Was it something the deceased said which provoked the donkey? Donkey may get a speedy trial and sentenced to a lethal injection, where are the animal rights groups? Can the President pardon this donkey? Will the donkey plead temporary insanity? So many unanswered questions, this story needs a sequel.

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