You could see this one coming from a mile away.

Now that Terrell Owens is unemployed again, one of his most vocal mothers of his children is wishing and hoping that he’ll get hooked up with a new NFL team so he can keep getting paid, of course.

Owens' fourth baby mama — a woman named Melanie Paige Smith — filed papers earlier this month to block Owens' request to lower his massive child support payments.

In the documents, Smith’s reasoning was largely based on the fact that Owens had recently inked a deal with the Seattle Seahawks, for close to a $1,000,000 and could afford to continue providing child support.

But as of Sunday that’s not longer the case. Owens revealed via Twitter that he was axed by the NFL team and is currently a free agent.  Translation: no more paycheck.

Now Smith’s attorney, Randall Kessler, tells TMZ  Owens' career snag won’t affect his client’s request to keep the dough coming,  at least for now. Instead she has her “fingers crossed that another team picks him up.”


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12 thoughts on “Mother of Terrell Owens’ Daughter Holding Out Hope

  1. ish it doesnt matter one inkling what TO or any athlete does from my son’s/daughter’s standpoint. My kids have been taught to do better byme & hubby- their PARENTS, Grparents, & fam. Im from the ‘ole skool’ where learning begins at HOME not on the internet or at school. teach your kids how to behave at home first and if you dont know get them a mentor. God help us all!!!

  2. loycetate on said:

    I sure hope the future NBA stars and the wanna-be stars that keep having babies to get paid. Where are the children in all this drama? How did TO even get with this baby mama to make babies, what was he thinking? Hindsight is going to be more than 20/20! Bad decisions have bad consequences but in the end the kids are the only ones that lose. Holyfield has 9 or 11 kids by multiple mama’s and foreclosed home just another example of what not to do! OBAMA 2012

  3. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Between TO and MR Johnson…DAMM I hope a lot of young people are paying attention for the last 10 years these two have been asses…now that the skill set has come down AND YOU BOTH CANT KEEP YOUR PANTS ON..3 bucks for some condoms and WRAP IT UP..NOBODY WANTS THEIR DRAMA.TO ON HIS LAWN DOING PUSH UPS REMEMBER THAT HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING ON HIS PEOPLE SKILLS BY SHUTING UP AND PLAYING THE GAME,,HEY TO how is that popcorn tasting……LOOK AT YOU NOW… MR Chad..whats both made black men look bad,,,NEED A JOB…JACK IN THE BOX IS HIRNG…YOU BOTH CAN WORK THE SAME SHIFT IN BY 8AM FIRED BY 805……………………………..

  4. zabaseto on said:

    a fool and his money,,I really hope young black men see whats going on here TO and Chad Johnson is the latest fools to fall into this trap and to be honest i dont feel sorry for them cause they grew up poor and then got a lil money because they was more talented than the average brothers and instead of doing good and try their best to elevate their communities they really forgot where they came from and what got them there,,anyway like i said a fool with his money now here comes the baby moms im not mad at a lady getting money to take care of these seeds that these knuckleheads got but the kind of money these females are getting is crazy u dont need all that money to maintain a child for a month, i can understand medical,school,food,clothes household etc but 50 thousand or 100 thousand a month wow,,thats money for her not the kids i mean fair is fair it might sound good early in your career but when u retire your up the creek with a toothpick but again a fool with money thinks he’s going to play forever i just hope its a lesson learned to all up and comming sports figures out there keep your third eye on these females but i have to be real not all females are bad only a handful who hang aroung the arena’s

  5. mspattymelt on said:

    UNCROSS YOU DAM FINGERS AND GET A J O B!!!!!! It does not matter whether an absent child s father does for them or not you as a mother just do your part!!!!!!!!!!!! There are some father s that INSIDE the home with their children and are just as DEAD BEAT as those not there!!!!!!!!! Even though it took two to make the child sometimes only ONE makes the difference in that childs life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This lady need to shut the up making first of ALL her self look even worse than she may be—she knew who he was from the beginning and she knew just WHAT he was too…… do your part Ms and take care of your child no matter if TO has a job or not!!!!!!!!!! Its obvious that you NOT him is the one that STILL HAS THE MONEY MAKER!!!!!!!

  6. Hiawa23 on said:

    As I look at my 15 year old, I am glad her mother did not listen to me and get the abortion, cause she is precious. What did I do, I manned up, took care of my responsibility. I got my degree in Business, her mother continued, & got her degree a year later, later got her masters, 15 years later, I know I made the right decision for my child.

  7. Hiawa23 on said:

    If he can’t pay the high amount why block lowering the ridiculously high child support. I am scared for T O, with him being so emotional, he may decide to end himself to escape all this. moral of the story. Don’t make all these babies with women who seemed to be after him for his money, or that you can’t take care of. condoms are dirt cheap, & I learned my lesson after my college GF roommate 15 years ago ended up pregnant, while telling me all along the doctors told her she could never conceive. women have to take responsibility too. They don’t have to get pregnant, so it’s on them too. Does it ever dawn on these guys maybe they should take a small portion of their millions, and finish their education, so when their careers are over they will atleast be better equipped to have a decent life financially?

  8. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Hiawa23 I feel you I am dealing with that drama now my daughter last year was walking across the stage from high school moved into the dorm to start college this year its a hospital room I am walking across she conceived and had a girl. It dosent matter how much you talk ……

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