Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh was in court Thursday for two hours trying to defend his residence to a judge and Allison Mathis' attorney Jane Carey.

Bosh is currently in a custody battle with ex-girlfriend Allison Mathis over his 3-year-old daughter. Mathis is trying to get an increase in child support and her attorney is trying to prove she deserves it because of child support regulations in Florida.

However, Bosh is arguing he is not a resident of Florida but in fact, is a resident of Texas.

Yesterday in court Bosh was constantly contradicted of this. At one point Bosh even had to read a signed affidavit to the court where he had told a Deutsche Bank in 2010 he was making his home in Florida his primary residence.

Bosh was also forced to read his mortgage papers for his $12.5 million dollar Miami home aloud to the court.

The judge also grilled Bosh about his residence, asking the NBA star about not having a Florida driver's license, she said, “Are you aware that the state of Florida requires anyone living in the state for more than 30 days to have a Florida drivers license?”

If Jane Carey is able to prove that Bosh is indeed a resident of Florida there will be a huge increase in child support. Currently, Bosh pays $2,600 a month that a Texas judge ordered him to pay three years ago.

If Florida residence is proven, Bosh's child support will jump to approximately $30,000 dollars a month.

A ruling on this case is expected by the end of September.


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5 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Defends Residence in Court

  1. MissLadytee on said:

    you are so right. I do think that 30,000 is a bit much for child support. But the to of them planed this child together. According to the nes, if they are telling the truth, she never asked this man for anything until she lost her job and home started to go into foreclosure. 2600.00 a month is not a lot of money. If he was a real man, to save is fac from looking so stupid, He should have went and helped her. He has enough money where he could have brought a new home or got the house out of foreclosure. For is daughters sake. He could have give that girl some money and said that you should be able to live off this, until you got another job, for his daugthers’ sake. Where ever this mother is, her child is with her. You could have sat a table and came to some agreement. and would not have been all of this. A diamond pacifier, Really

  2. loycetate on said:

    $30,000 is a drop in the bucket (360,000 year) to a $12.5 million dollar house. Why must the child live in sub-standard housing when the father isn’t. I say put a few million or $6.4 million which is 18 years child support in a trust and I am sure he can get on with his life. He made the choice to have a child now take care of it. A sorry excuse for a man to escape his responsibility. She needs to get that fund set up so when he is broke less than 18 years from now her child won’t be. Buying a $12 million dollar home will break him sooner than later. Pay up and pay the attorney fes and if you can get punitive damages for his delays get that too. Send a message maybe he will pay up and I am sure you two can get along for the child then. OBAMA 2012

  3. loisanne65 on said:

    I agree, $30,000 is to much for a three year old. If I was Chris, I would have the money put into a trust account less the $2,600 with the mama not havingh any access until the child is 21. Those $30,000 is for her to buy Gucci and Louie V and her nails and her extensions. The women is upset because he did not marry her and has moved on. Get over it and move on.

  4. chaquille on said:

    I think $30,000.00 per month is too much for child support….If I was him, I would take my damn baby and raise her myself…..If some of the money was going into a Trust Fund, College Fund, or here is a condo for you while you are at college, then I am good with that but just to pay monthly bills, daycare, etc…Sheesh…I hope this isn’t done out of meanness, or mad because he has moved on….She might end up like Tamika Foster…..

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