There are a few young soul singers that you can still count on for romantic, sensitive music with live instrumentation and gorgeous lyrical content. Dwele is one of those singers. The Detroit native may be a little under the radar, but if you’ve heard his music, you know that’s just an oversight. He’s put out five CD’s in the last 12 years, so somebody’s listening. Those lucky folks are reaping the benefits of his romantic soul stylings, his sultry vocals and his beautiful melodies. This is grown folks music that plenty of grown folks can appreciate, but it’s also contemporary because even the hip-hop heads gotta put their gear in chill mode sometime. Read more about our latest In-Studio Jam artist.

BORN: Andwele Gardner in Detroit, Michigan

EDUCATION: Two semesters in college until dropping out to pursue music

BIG BREAK:  Detroit hip-hop group Slum  Village heard Dwele’s CD “Rize” which he recorded on his own and sold out of his car trunk. They put him on their song “Tainted” which lead to work with rapper Bahamadiah and supergroup Lucy Pearl. He got a deal with Virgin Records in 2003.

BACK STORY: Dwele’s father was shot and killed in front of his home when he was 10 years old. He has said that music helped him deal with the trauma from the tragic death.

RESUME: Dwele is the most contemporary extension of the Motown sound, which of course began in the city in the 60’s via the label’s famous studio, Hitsville, which is now a museum.

FUN FACTS:  Dwele provided vocals on Kanye West’s songs “Power” and “Flashing Lights.”

LATEST WORK: “Greater than One” out August 28 Pre-order on ITunes here.



ON TWITTER: @therealdwele



“What Profit”

“What’s Not To Love?” (Watch video below)

“I’m Cheatin’”

“Find A Way”


“This album [“Greater than One” ] kinda has like an 80’s feel to it. I really tried to keep the same elements that have been on the past albums; the harmonic vocals and Fender Rhodes, live instrumentation. Even on the joints that were more 80’s and more synth heavy, I still tried to keep those elements in there. I feel like this is a feel good album.” (2012)

“If you only knew me through my music, you’d think that I was a quiet guy that wears sandals and linen. That’s not me. I’m from Detroit, I like designer brands and I’ve got a crazy side. My songs wake me up. I’ll have a song in my head but in my dream, I hear it on the radio. Then I wake up and realize there’s no radio playing, so I hurry to my studio and lay the song down.” Official Bio (2012)

“I know personally, I’ve seen my favorite artists; you know you get used to hearing one thing from them, and you love it, and then all of a sudden they switch up, it’s something totally different, and you can’t really dig it. It’s cool; change is good, but I think it should happen gradually. I do way wild out there s–t on top of my more mainstream stuff I’m known for. Eventually I do want to get into all of that, but I think it’s sort of a pattern you have to take. You have to soften people up to that; you can’t really just hit ‘em with it. So that’s kind of the approach I’m taking. I’m trying to change it up slowly but surely.” (2008)

“I feel like R&B is wearing a lot of different hats and has been for awhile now. I love, listen to and respect all of those different genres within R&B. I think the only problem I have is when it comes to radio, they honor certain genres of R&B more than others. It’s not really a balance as far as that goes. Soulful R&B doesn’t get the same plays as pop R&B. That’s my only complaint. As far as others veering off to do pop, I’m cool with it, do what you do. Alot of it I like, So I’m for it, I wouldn’t want them to stop.” (2012)


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