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TMZ has retracted its story claiming that Katherine Jackson is trying to get Michael Jackson’s estate to pay Janet Jackson’s mortgage.

The website ran the piece earlier this week, but has since posted a retraction after hearing directly from Team Janet.

TMZ now reports:

We have more info on Katherine Jackson’s request for the Michael Jackson Estate to pay for expenses related to Janet Jackson’s Las Vegas home, and it turns out toilet paper — NOT mortgages — is on her mind.

As we previously reported, the Estate filed documents asking the court to allow the Executors to pay Katherine for “expenses relating to …. a residence in Las Vegas.”

We’re told the residence is Janet Jackson’s home. Fact is … there’s no need to cover any mortgage expenses, because we’re told Janet doesn’t have a mortgage — she owns the home outright, but never spends time there. In fact, we’re told she bought the home so Katherine could use it. And, she has provided various other forms of support for Katherine over the years. So what we reported initially — that the Estate would pay part of the mortgage — isn’t the case.

Sources connected to Katherine now tell us, Katherine wants the money because she incurs various expenses when she spends time at Janet’s property. Our sources say the expenses include, food, cable, utilities, Internet, travel and even toilet paper.

Below Janet’s publicist sounds off on TMZ’s false allegations in a statement:

“In this day and age when fact-checking false allegations has become a singularly important element of the news-flow, I think you may find the following development newsworthy. TMZ earlier this week (shortly after having had to retract another false allegation about Janet Jackson) issued a story stating that the estate of Michael Jackson has initiated court action to participate in paying off the mortgage of a condo which the TMZ story claims Janet Jackson owns in Las Vegas. The attached letter to TMZ from Blair Brown, Janet’s lawyer in this matter, reveals that Janet owns a home, not a condo, in Las Vegas, which she bought for her mother ten years ago, a home which has never had a mortgage. It is important to note that this is a home in which Janet has never spent a night and has only visited once. I believe you will find this demand for correction of news interest. All of these stories remain a distraction from the central issue: The veracity of the will and the safety of the Jackson family.”


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