As Gabby continues to make her media rounds in celebration of her gold medal wins, her family is feuding over her millions.

Reports have surfaced that her parents are fighting over her endorsement deals which are expected to start at $10 million in the next couple of weeks. Sources said that her earnings may even reach $100 million over her lifetime.

“Both sides of Gabby’s family are jockeying to be in good standing with the goose that laid the golden egg,” a close source said. “Meanwhile, poor Gabby is caught in the middle.”

Gabby’s father Timothy Douglas, who served over 17 years with the Virginia Air National Guard was arrested this past February for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pleaded no contest and was sentenced to attend a parenting course to avoid jail time. This incident occurred only two weeks after Gabby’s mother Natalie Hawkins filed for divorce from Douglas.

“I’m trying to keep things positive right now,” Douglas told reporters. “I feel like I’ve been the best father that I can be to my daughter and to my family.”

Family friends said that her father flew relatives to see Gabby compete in London but the gymnast was unable to retrieve tickets for the events. Instead, they had to watch many of the competitions on a TV monitor outside.

“We don’t know how many tickets were given, and how they were given, we only know they were not given to us,” said Mary Douglas, Gabby’s paternal grandmother.

“Timothy and his family suspect Natalie had everything to do with them not being able to gain access to Gabby’s competitions, and they’re furious about being cut out!,” a family friend revealed. 

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21 thoughts on “Gabby Douglas’ Family Battle Over Her Millions

  1. Cooper54 on said:

    Della1 your response to Gabbie Douglas’s family struggles is warm and cozy. I just don’t know what “you should act like parents” look like in reality. Do you have a picture, a power point presentation, a family we can see, touch, and/or interview to know what that looks like on the land. Also, your statement be supportive of your daughter as thought having two different views shows a lack of support? I’m so sick and tired of people giving soft answers to difficult situations. I would like the next person who response to this question to give actually testimony to people they believe demonstrate their position. Much is give, much is required.

  2. msfineonenhere on said:

    let us not forget that when gabby,s mother finally agreed to let her daughter move to iowa to train in gymnastics that gabby stayed with a white family who took her in and she live with them while she trained the couple has 3 younger daughters who took gabby in i saw this interview on oprah,s show own last week where she inverviewd gabby

  3. Geminigirl on said:

    Gabby is only 16 years old. She is about to make more money than she will ever spend. What she doesn’t need are her parents trying to spend it for her. It’s hers, she earned it. She should get a good financial advisor that won’t take advantage of her and help her make good financial decisions. For the rest of the family, “GET A LIFE!

  4. mspattymelt on said:

    EVERYBODY want to know you when you got some money BUT where were they when her mom had to FIND a way to get that child back and forth to practice–and pay for it and cloth her and feed her? YES I SAID MOTHER because Im sure in most instances father too was NOT there! What support did they REALLY offer Gabby and her mom? Oprah, Bill Cosby, Tyler please help this woman get a great lawyer for this child s future so that she won t be back in the news by the time she is ready for college and BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so sad that people only want to LEACH on to you when you have something they want—–your MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jazzdancer on said:

    A fool and his money will soon depart. Appartently Gabby’s future money has departed from her father (and his family) before she even made it. Should have hung in there longer my man and keep your hands off those young girls anyway.

  6. NanaWhit on said:

    Gabby, It is time to think about investing. You are a minor so you will need a parent (I suggest your mom) to help you enter into binding contracts. Get a good lawyer, accountant and certified financial planner. You and your mom should ask as many questions as possible and make sure you understand all the answers before signing anything. If necessary, do some research on your own. Make sure that the people in your financial camp have your best interests at heart. As to those that were not there when you and your mom needed them…forget about them. You seem to have a level head and I am hoping and praying that you get out of life exactly what you have put into it. I have an aspiring gymnast (granddaughter) and she has the support of all of her family members. It makes things easier. We are not looking for a “big payday.” She enjoys gymnastics and is hoping to meet you in Rio. We do have tickets for the 2012 Tour and hope to meet you there. My prayers are with you, and I hope everything turns out on a positive note. Much love and luck to you in the future.

  7. Della1 on said:

    First let Gabby enjoy her accomplishments; second no matter what you will always be her mother and father; you should act like parents; and be suppportive of your daughter…..she loves you both.

  8. redbone1954 on said:

    Oh Lord please do not let this mess get started. I am praying that cooler heads will prevail and let her enjoy her fame befores peole start trying to spend her money, I really hope this is not true. I pray for peace in this family and hope that people don’t start seeing this child as a cash machine. Family memebers need to realize that this was HER dream not yours so if this is true back off and get a ;ife

  9. RKearns on said:

    HERE WE GO . . . family now all want to be involved in Gabby’s life. Where were these mofo’s when she and her mother were struggling with being separated from each other and sacrificing life’s savings just to keep Gabby in gymnastics? Gabby’s daddy, paternal grandmamma and other leeches ALL NEED to go somewhere AND SIT DOWN!!!!!

  10. vagullap on said:

    Her mom was the one who put Gabby in gymnastics and made the sacrifices while daddy was being a player. So play on player’ll get whatever Gabby finds in her heart to give you. — no entitlement.

  11. donica lewis on said:

    It seems like the Family is worried about the money. Truthfully Gabby’s wellbeing should be their main concern.The money is a plus. You know the old saying you never know what you have until it’s gone.

  12. loycetate on said:

    Please let’s not do this! I know that her mother sacrificed but I saw her fathers child support payments as part of her income. She has only 2 parents but a family that welcomed her in and saw her talents when they did not they too are family. Whatever happens, don’t let the money interfere with her accomplishments! Gabby needs an independent advisor besides her parents to ensure she has control and the money when she can make decisions for herself and sometimes that maturity is not there till her late 20’s so she is not broke and in court trying to sue them while she trains over the next 4 years! Don’t do it. Let ‘s stop it here! OBAMA 2012

  13. navi12 on said:

    This looks like a reverse on the crabs in a basket syndrome. Only the crabs are on the outside. To Natalie and Timothy Douglas, your daughter Gabby is not a wishbone. You two could possibly break her spirit because of the tugging back and forth. Yes, Natalie got a divorce from you Timothy. Recognize! Fortunately the saga is here on The networks CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox News would go bonkers over what is being reported here. Let’s not forget TMZ and the tabloids sold at grocery stores. Family of Gabby, time for you all to get it together.

  14. donica lewis on said:

    Exactly entitlement issues. Think of it this way this could be good for Gabby. Whoever raised her they raised a hell of an athlete. And I’m pretty sure they didn’t raise her to be a fool.

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