This week a mother posted a photo of her 5-month-old daughter's straightened hair on her Facebook page.

Since then the web has gone wild with comments on both sides of the argument. The mother does not disclose how her child's hair was done. However, people are upset thinking she is too young for the hairstyle while others believe the mother has the right to style her child's hair how she wants.

What do you think of the baby's hair? Is it a big deal or should people mind their business?

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12 thoughts on “Baby’s Hair Causes Uproar

  1. loverofrats on said:

    ‘ but at the end of the day WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! Its her child she can do whaever she wants with her’….Really??? Well my step dad sexually molested me as a child (with my mothers consent.) I wonder what would have happened if the court had said that to my abusers? In my case the court did not say that and I was rescued from a nightmare childhood. thank you very much, oh and natural is beautiful!

  2. loverofrats on said:

    Natural is sooooo beautiful! I guess I don’t get it. Being the mother of black children, I loved their curly hair and still do! My oldest had a terrible experience getting her hair straightened when she was 8 (and I didn’t know any better)
    she begged me for it, so I took her in and within 3 min she was screaming that it was burning. I told the lady to stop and rinse it all off, but she said it was ‘normal’. (I’m white so what did I know? I know better now.) Any ways long story short after about 5 more min. of my baby screaming I actually took her out of the chair and to the sink to rinse her hair off, to my absolute horror hair and skin was sloughing off and in patches that the skin and hair didn’t come off the hair simply broke off! By the time I got all of that crap off of her I was crying just as much as she was, my daughter was left with little or no hair and second degree chemical burns on her scalp that I had to take her to the doctor to treat. This of course happened the week before school started and she had to wear a bandana for most of the school year. And to add insult to injury, because we lived in a ‘gang’ area I had to get special permission for her to wear a bandana on her head from the school. Needless to say she never asked for it again and as a grown woman her hair is natural and beautiful!

  3. Can’t determine mental health from a photo. The mother started early in stigmatizing her daughter over the texture of her hair.

  4. I remember my grandparents always saying oh, she’s such a pretty baby she has that good straight hair she must have some indian in her, so pretty. That was the beginning of this mess. Al Sharpton would be a proud grandparent.

  5. Cpepsi on said:

    The hairstyle may be a little grown for such a small child but at the end of the day WHO CARES!!!!!!!!! Its her child she can do whaever she wants with her hair at least she did it, you have some mothers that don’t/won’t do their childs hair and have them looking homeless while their hair dosen’t have a hair out of place. The child looks healthy and well taken care of and at the end of the day thats all that matters.

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