In an interview with TMZ, Evelyn Lozada has finally made her first statement about she and her husband Chad Johnson's domestic dispute.

When the story first surfaced of their altercation, conflicting reports said that Evelyn was in fact the one who head-butted Johnson and that he told police this information.

According to the gossip blog, Lozada is upset over Johnson's accusation, saying, “I am deeply disappointed that Chad has failed to take responsibility for his actions and made false accusations against me."

Lozada also urges her husband to find help to get over "his troubles" and says that she hopes she can help other women stand up against domestic violence by not being silent.

Chad Johnson was arrested for domestic battery on Saturday, August 11th.

TMZ also claims Lozada will be pressing charges against her husband.

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9 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Finally Speaks

  1. cbr1219 on said:

    The most violent reality person probably head butted him BUT didn’t expect his head to be harder than hers. #sheisagolddigger

  2. vernitahart on said:

    She got what she came after…. the cash….I thought he had more sense than to marry without a prenup,,,,,Chad, it’s a jungle out there, I guess you didn’t know that. Perfect case of the hunter getting caught by the game!

  3. kayla234 on said:

    They both need help and intense therapy because you have two damage individuals who should not have been involved with each other! People fail to realize that warning comes before destruction!! and we never take heed to the warnings AKA RED FLAGS!! Never attach or connect yourself to someone permanently who tells you UPFRONT whether in the form of WORDS or their ACTIONS that I am not responsible, accountable and forget being committed!

  4. MORE-LOVE7 on said:

    Chad u had Better CENT than 2 FALL for this B/S. Evelyn had U play RIGHT into Her PLANS, Now the “D” is into the WORKS…… DRAMA isn’t going to get U on a TEAM…. P L E A S E. WAKE UP……….F OOOOOOL…..

  5. Just want to be free of pain on said:

    Some people never get a chance others get chance after chance.. between this fool a** N**** and T.O. i am like damm you got what others would die for and you still can’t make your life work for you,,,its sad but its also clear MR Johnson needs the kinda help you get when you hit rock bottom…and for sure thats where Chad is going,,Hey T.O. ITS YOUR TURN…1 UP HIM…..

  6. jimmyg on said:

    Chad,if this lady head butted you first, she should be a Miami Dolphin.Instead you got fired from your riches.Somebody is lying.

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