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DAVIE, Fla. (AP) — Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson was arrested Saturday on a domestic violence charge, accused of head-butting his newlywed wife during an argument in front of their home outside Miami.

Johnson and his wife, Evelyn Lozada, were at dinner and she confronted him about a receipt she had found for a box of condoms, said Davie police Capt. Dale Engle. The argument got heated and continued on the drive home, he said.

When they arrived in their driveway in Davie, the 34-year-old Johnson head-butted Lozada, she told police. Lozada, who is on the reality show, "Basketball Wives," was treated at a hospital for a cut to her forehead, Engle said.

Johnson, who changed his last name back to Johnson from Ochocinco after his July 4 wedding to Lozada, was being held Saturday night in Broward County Jail where he will remain until he can appear before a judge, which Engle says might not be until Monday. He is charged with simple battery, domestic violence, which is a misdemeanor.

Team officials were "aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering of relevant information," Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene said.

Johnson's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, declined to comment.

Johnson signed with the Dolphins in June, four days after he was released by New England. A six-time Pro Bowl receiver with Cincinnati, he caught only 15 passes in 15 games for the Patriots last year after they acquired him in a trade for a pair of draft picks

On Friday night in the Dolphins' 20-7 loss to Tampa Bay in the exhibition opener, Johnson let the only pass thrown to him slip through his hands.

He was known as Ochocinco for the past four seasons. The name was a playful reference to the No. 85 he wore on his jersey.

Johnson and Lozada were prominent in the recent first episode of HBO's "Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Miami Dolphins."

VH1's "Basketball Wives" is filmed in Miami and also features Shaunie O'Neal, the former wife of former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. Lozada used to be the fiancee of NBA player Antoine Walker.


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4 thoughts on “Chad Johnson Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

  1. Hiawa23 on said:

    She knew what kind of man she had before she married him, as he told here he wasn’t giving up his women friends, or changing. Women, you really can’t change men. If he is used to getting how many women as he wants, he is not going to stop, just cause he got hitched to you. I thought Johnson was cut by the Dolphins last week. I am giving this marriage, maximum 2years.

  2. loycetate on said:

    OMG, I am so sorry to hear that this has come so soon but Evelyn you like the world of viewers knew that Chad was not going to be faithful. You all but gave him permission on national tv to sleep with other women. Is that what it took to get him to the altar? The best defense is an offense, run and get an annulment and get your own paper so you can live the lifestyle that you and so many other women seek in wealthy men. When you are not evenly yoked you have these problems. Women even more so now that he is married are going to sleep with him. What did you think was between your legs that is not between millions of others? Just as you slept with him on national tv, disrespectful to your daughter if you are a role model,so will millions of other beautiful women the first chance they get. The character of a man is what is in question. Chad never exhibited any he would be faithful on tv to you and you gave him carte blanc to sleep with others. I thought that was big of you to give him permission it was as though you were accepting the reality of whom you were going to say “i do” to but in your heart you thought, I guess he would change, they rarely do. This is so unfortunate and hoped that you might make an honest man out of him but he is not ready, was not ready and did just as he had intended to do. I know that you hut now but before he ruins you career I say let it go. You will feel so much better when you can pay the mortgage based on your work and value and not a mans. This is difficult even more so with women with money because the higher in earnings you get the smaller the pool of good men. The bible says, a man findeth a wife and when He sends you the man you will know. You don’t have to compromise your beliefs just to have the lifestyle you deserve that we all want and deserve. Pick your head up cause if this occurred after a month by 3 months women would be coming in and out of the closets with you in the house. God has saved you, pray and it will get better. OBAMA 2012

  3. VenusBling on said:

    That is too bad. I am surprised E reacted to something she found in the “driveway”. She knows Chad is a prankster, and she knows people are hateing, so why would she even ask him something like that? Anybody could have put that there. I would understand if she found it in his clothes or in their home, but tha driveway?? come on! I guess I thought it would have took more than that to make her fold her hand, since she tossed a good friendship over something simular.

  4. kayla234 on said:

    Such a freaking idiot for real! Why would one confront their partner, spouse or whatever about something they specifically told your crazy behind that was not going to change before you married them!!! Really?! And yet Ms. psychotic insecure Evelyn stills go along and say I do! This is way women cannot handle the truth from a man but yet like many others he will be categorized as a DOG!

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