The classic soul-singer is announcing her first album in seven years, “Only Forever.”

“I just had this concept of walking into a digital universe with an analog heart (on ‘Only Forever’),” Baker told The BoomBox. “So we’re kind of marrying the two. I started cutting analog down in Nashville, and once I knew what we were gonna do, we bounced it over to the digital format so that the 21st century producers like Harvey Mason, Jr., could manipulate it. “I was just very focused on getting some analog energy in there somewhere. So it’s a lovely bridge that I’m trying to build tech-wise as well as musically.”

She’s thinking in an innovative way, sort of like a reverse youngster in the game of music. The singers decided to revamp Tyrese’s song, “Lately” and bring it back with her own touch.

The pair, who are close friends, were both excited about the piece, so much so that Tyrese will appear on one of the updated versions of the song on the new album.

Click here to listen.

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2 thoughts on “AUDIO: Anita Baker to Release New Music

  1. ikeyial on said:

    Wow….the return of Grown Folks Music!!! She put her stamp on that song, to such a degree, that only the chorus reminded that it was a remake. Glad she’s back.

  2. donica lewis on said:

    I heard the song on the radio this morning!! Congratulations can’t wait to get the album. Tyrese How you doin?

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